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Top 3 Amazing Tips for Your Bathroom Makeover

Are you ready to take your bathroom from drab to fab? A bathroom makeover can make a whole house feel more luxurious. Everyone needs to use the bathroom, so it ends up being one of the most viewed rooms in the home.

Don’t ignore it simply because of what it’s used for, but instead explore the potential of every space. Your bathroom should be treated like other rooms in your home, and become a room you enjoy and are proud of.

Here are some helpful tips on how to get there.

1. Reuse, Reduce, Remodel

Some bathrooms come with a lot of character in their sink, tub, or even toilet, and you might imagine saying goodbye to those more vintage aspects when preparing for a bathroom remodel. But if you already have great parts of your bathroom, you don’t have to throw them away. Some may be salvageable and could even save you money to incorporate them into your new design.

Sometimes all it takes to revive bathroom fixtures is a little spray paint and a good eye for color. You can keep the unique shape of some things while adding a new fresh flair.

2. Don’t Move the Tap

Wondering how to remodel your bathroom when it feels like everything needs to move? Sometimes certain parts of the bathroom should move and can help the space feel bigger and more open.

However, one of the top tips for a bathroom makeover is to not move the taps. You can move the tub around, but keep the taps where they are and plan for a different area of water flow. Relocating a faucet will cost you much more than the remodel may be worth, so make your design plan with that tip in mind.

When you want your bathtub and other fixtures done right, be sure you’re using a reputable company like Ctbathplanet.com so you can enjoy your new bathroom without any worries. A busted pipe or poorly caulked tub can ruin an evening or even a room.

3. Creativity Is Key

When looking to remodel your bathroom, yes you want to have a budget. And yes you want to have a design plan ahead of time you know you can afford. But one of the tips you might forget or ignore is to be creative.

The bathroom can be a whole room of possibility instead of a place to wash, do your business, and leave. Don’t relegate yourself to average design options when you can create a space all its own that you want to spend time in. A bathroom remodel allows you to explore all your options and be creative with how you use a space.

Don’t limit yourself before the remodeling even begins.

The Best Bathroom Makeover

Doing a bathroom makeover might feel more like a chore than a gift, but if you create a space you love it will be better than you imagined. Create a design you enjoy and want to spend time in instead of going for something basic that doesn’t show any personality. Remember, everyone is going to see it.

Once you start your bathroom remodel, you’ll be bathing in luxury in no time. And if this helped you get some good ideas for your remodeling plans, keep reading for more helpful tips.


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