7 Reasons Why You Should Use Hand Sanitizers Daily

The importance of keeping your hands clean cannot be stressed enough. While your hands serve you the most, they also end up putting germs in your eyes, mouth, nose, and other parts of your body when they come in contact. Washing your hands with soap and water multiple times a day is the best way to clean them. Alternatively, the benefits of using hand sanitizer in keeping your hands clean and germ-free are plenty too.

What is a Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer, hand antiseptic, or hand rub is something you can apply to your hands to eliminate disease-causing organisms. Usually available as gels, foams, or liquids, hand sanitizers are the most viable option when soap and water are not available for washing hands or when repeated hand washing damages your skin.

Types of Hand Sanitizers

Primarily, there are two types of hand sanitizers: alcohol-based and alcohol-free.

Most hand sanitizers have alcohol – which is known for its antiseptic qualities – specifically certain kinds, like isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol. In ancient times, alcohol itself was used to disinfect wounds. It was later confirmed that it could eradicate germs through a process known as cell lysis.

On the other hand, alcohol-free hand sanitizers usually contain ingredients like chlorhexidine gluconate, octenidine, and benzalkonium chloride instead of alcohol to fight the harmful effects of microbes.

Some hand sanitizers also contain moisturizing ingredients like glycerol or aloe and some amount of color and fragrance.

After knowing the benefits of using hand sanitizer regularly, it is about time you added hand sanitizer to your grocery list.

Here are seven reasons why you should be using one daily:

1.Keeps your Hands Clean and Blocks Disease-spreading Germs

Hand sanitizers are designed to eradicate 99.9% of germs on the hands, keeping them incredibly clean. If used properly, they can efficiently clean your hands in the absence of soap and water.

Hand sanitizer eliminates microorganisms when it comes into contact with them. Therefore, it also helps stop the spread of disease and infection via germs, especially gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. It is thus the most effective antimicrobial product that you could benefit from.

2. No Risk of Bacteria Becoming Resistant

Triclosan, an ingredient known to produce and aggravate antibiotic-resistant bacteria, is found in antibacterial soap. However, in the case of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, there’s no question of the bacteria becoming resistant. Alcohol is a strong disinfectant that immediately mitigates and kills bacteria, making it much more efficient than antibacterial soaps.

3. Speedy yet Effective

You need to wash your hands frequently throughout the day, whether after using the washroom, before you eat or cook, when your hands are soiled – the reasons are endless. However, it does take much more time to wash your hands than to squirt some hand sanitizer and rub your hands well. You can keep your hands clean and germ-free rather quickly yet effectively if you use hand sanitizer properly.

4. Easy to Carry

Hand sanitizers come in tiny, handy containers that are easy to carry and portable when you’re on the go. Fish it out of your purse or pocket to quickly and thoroughly cleanse your hands when traveling to ensure that your hands remain pristine even when outdoors.

5. Keeps Hands Soft

Hand sanitizers can keep your hands soft if you use the ones without alcohol. If you plan to buy a hand sanitizer online that does the job while moisturizing, look for those with hydrating emollients to soften and improve the skin texture of your hands.

6. Excellent for Group Scenarios

The chances of germs spreading rapidly multiply in areas where groups of people congregate, such as offices, classrooms, and other public places where many people come together at once. Carry a hand sanitizer when you visit public places and use it frequently to kill germs periodically while staying put in one place. You need not worry about finding a washroom to keep your hands clean at such places. Sometimes, remembering to rub a little sanitizer after you’ve touched a door handle at a public place or before using gym equipment is worth the effort.

7. Helps Bring Down Waste

Have you ever wondered how much waste accumulates due to hand hygiene? The amount of discarded paper towels and water usage go over the top. Using a hand sanitizer helps bring down the waste that comes from trying to keep our hands clean. If you sensibly refill your hand sanitizer with refill jugs or packs, you also contribute to reducing the total amount of plastic packaging that goes into producing this commodity.

Final Thoughts

Although hand sanitizer has always been a significant part of personal hygiene routines over the years, the demand for hand disinfectants has substantially escalated with the onslaught of COVID-19. Hand sanitizers were the first essential commodity to fly off the store shelves when the pandemic first broke out across the world.

Leading sanitizer manufacturers are now developing and producing varied hand sanitizing products to meet the growing demand. From renowned chemical manufacturers to beauty and cosmetic manufacturers, each one of them is making more than thousands of units every week. There are plenty of good options to choose from if you wish to buy hand sanitizers online, such as Just Human’s once-a-day sanitizers. The benefits of using hand sanitizer are undoubtedly plenty, right from fighting germs powerfully and quickly while protecting your skin, keeping you clean all day, and helping you stay healthy even through the roughest of health disasters. And even when we eventually overcome the pandemic, the humble hand sanitizer is worthy of daily use for maintaining a healthy hygiene routine that protects our immune system in the days to come.

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