How to Embrace Imperfection

Our modern, fast-paced culture doesn’t always cope well with imperfection. We live in a time where so much opportunity is at our fingertips, so much is under our control. 

So, what happens when things don’t go our way? What happens when things take longer than we had hoped, or never happen at all? As success is so valued all around us, and celebrated all over social media, being in a place where things aren’t going our way can be a lonely experience.

And yet, in this place of imperfection, in the place of no or not yet, there is so much potential for growth.  And there is a lot of wisdom to support us in this journey.

Embracing the Now

One of the most powerful things that many of us discover through the imperfections in our lives, is that there is joy to be had even in the most difficult times. When things happen in our lives that threaten our vision of the future, we can find ourselves liberated to simply enjoy what is happening right now.

Many of us live our lives as if tomorrow is promised. When you face a time of brokenness you are reminded that this isn’t the case. You can approach life right now with more gratitude and joy, soaking up all the goodness that each day has to offer rather than always looking ahead.

Mindfulness is a practice that has been used for generations to support people to live in the moment and particularly useful in times when our vision of perfection has been shattered. Try delving into mindfulness practice to support you to embrace the now, even in the middle of imperfection and difficult times. Please Visit Silhouette Challenge

Embracing Transformation

Going through a difficult time can also be when we experience real transformation. In the Christian tradition, and particularly the Easter story, there is a big emphasis on how difficult times can transform us. 

It is only by passing through these challenges, as Jesus passed through the experience of the cross, that we find life and transformation on the other side.

Transformation doesn’t take away the pain of a difficult time, but it does give us hope that good can come from any experience. It gives hope that better things are around the corner, that we are at a semi-colon in our story and not the final full stop.

Embracing Imperfection

And finally, embracing imperfection is also about recognizing that perfection does not exist. It is easy for us, in the age of social media, to look around us and assume that everyone else has it together. We may even be surrounded by images of people who have the very thing we want.

But every human life is full of imperfections. We can’t always see everyone else’s struggles, but we can be sure that they are there. We are all imperfect but we can all change and grow when we embrace our imperfection, see ourselves as ‘perfectly imperfect’, and recognize the beauty in our brokenness. Accepting ourselves and our stories, just as we are. 

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