The Best Server Security Services for Small Businesses

Cybercrime accounts for $1 trillion in damages each year worldwide. So, if you think that you are exempt from digital theft just because you are a small business chances are that you are not.

Prevention is the only way to decrease the likelihood of a crime. And one of the best ways to prevent a data breach is by hiring a managed security company like CMIT Solutions.

Read this guide to find out how to have optimal server security by finding the right managed IT service.

Level of Services Provided

Managed IT security services have a range of tasks that they perform to keep your business secure. However, not all companies provide the same level of services and they may depend on the type of security package you purchase.

Before deciding on a protection service, ask about what duties they perform. The following services are the most beneficial to avoid cyber theft.

Detection Response

Small business cybersecurity needs just as much protection as a large corporation. However, the difference is that smaller businesses do not have the in-house manpower to monitor their system 24/7.

Waiting until the breach is noticed by your employees can lead to major damage. An IT security service takes this burden out of your hands by utilizing detection response methods.

They will detect threats using behavior analytics and antivirus intelligence to catch the intrusion at the earliest stage possible.

Incident Corrections

Once the threat is detected, the next stage is a correction. A managed security service should have protocols in place to recover lost data and reduce downtime to keep your business running smoothly.

Firewall Management

Prevention is also part of an IT package, which includes firewall management. The service helps block threats like insecure websites from being accessible on your network.

Data Back Ups

Another preventative measure used by IT management companies is regular data backups. They use secure cloud services to create copies of your information. If your data is lost during a cyber attack you can recover it easily, avoiding a complete loss.

Email and Network Security

Two of the most vulnerable pieces of your business are your email system and your network server.

Your business’ email contains the majority of its malware threats, so monitoring incoming messages are essential. Your network can also be hacked, leading to your data becoming exposed to criminals.

Learn more about how these ports are protected when you click for network strategies here.

Customer Service Accessibility and  Reliability

All the services in the world will not matter unless you can reach someone to implement them. That is why a great IT management service also has an accessible and reliable customer service staff.

A 24/7 live support system is required since criminals don’t always attack during business hours.

Contract Terms

When hiring a security team you need to also consider your contract length and how that applies to your price. Do you pay monthly or annually? Is there a required contract term or can you pay as you go?

The best service providers will give you options to choose from that works best for you as well as offer a trial period.

Deciding on the Best Server Security Company

The tips in this guide will help you find a server security company that fits your budget and your needs. They should include prevention, detection, and correction to limit the threat to your business.

Check out our Tech section for more ways to protect your data internally.


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