The Best Places to Live in Massachusetts in 2022

As the place where The Mayflower first landed, the state of Massachusetts has an extensive history of firsts. These include establishing the first American lighthouse and park as well as being the birthplace of volleyball and basketball.

What’s more, this fascinating place is home to incredible ski resorts, gorgeous beaches, some of the best healthcare in the country, and a strong economy.

It’s no wonder 7.1 million people choose to live in Massachusetts. If you’re considering joining them, these are the best places to start your search for a home.


Waltham, with its small population of 62,000 inhabitants, ranked 13th in Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live in America during 2017.

That’s because it features excellent educational opportunities, a convenient location just 10 miles from Boston, and a thriving foodie scene. There are 260 restaurants and bars to choose from in this thriving hamlet, and jobs abound.

You can also enjoy parks, theaters, and five superb museums in Waltham.

Major employers include marketing companies, defense contractors, and travel services. Most people earn about $95,000 per year in Waltham.

You can expect to pay around $687,450 for a two-bedroom condo in Waltham and rentals average $2513.


If you’re serious about education, Cambridge is a good option for you. This small town boasts some highly-rated schools and is also home to both Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Thanks to this, it has a large, young average population age of 30, plus some of the best nightlife options in the state. So, it’s one of the best places to live in Massachusetts if you like to be in the middle of the action.

It’s also home to a wealth of excellent museums featuring natural history and art.

Cambridge consistently ranks in the top ten when it comes to ‘best-of’ lists, despite the high cost of living in this area.

You can expect to pay around $581,700 on average for a two-bedroom, One-bathroom condo in Cambridge. Apartments for rent in this area cost between $2,000 and $6,000 per month.


Does your idea of Massachusetts living include quiet times and wide-open spaces? You should consider a move to this old-school town with just 2,000 residents.

There’s almost no crime in this area, and the schools are highly rated, too. There are no restaurants and bars in town, but you’ll find no shortage of natural attractions in the area.

These include:

  • Mount Toby
  • Puffers Pond
  • The Robert Frost Trail
  • Pleasant Valley Sanctuary
  • High Rock Park

Leverett’s laid-back lifestyle comes with a low cost of living and plenty of peaceful times. You can expect to pay $34,000 for a home in this small town.


This Boston suburb is a good choice when you move to Massachusetts with children in tow. There are 22,000 people living here, and it’s always been a great place to raise a family.

It’s home to some of the best-performing schools in the country and has an exceptionally low crime rate, but living in Winchester comes at a premium. The cost of living is high, at 74% more than the national average, but you can expect to earn around $169,000 per annum.

When it comes to leisure time, most locals head to nearby Mystic Lakes to ice-skate, swim, sail, or paddle, depending on the season.

A large home can set you back over $700,000 and rents average $1,525 for a one-bedroom condo.


As the site where the first shots of the American Revolutionary War rang out, Lexington is an exceptionally significant place in Massachusetts. The 33,000 residents of Lexington still commemorate the occasion every year during April.

It’s filled with museums, historic memorials, and heritage areas and is another one of the state’s best areas for education.

Lexington boasts a low crime rate and high cost of living, with houses priced in the region of $736,000, and rents costing $2,300 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Residents do enjoy one of the highest average salaries in the US, at $169,000.


Another affluent city, boasting 88,000 people, Newton boasts an average income of $150,000. The town comprises 13 villages and has no official city center.

Most homes in the area are historic and highly valued, with an average price of $739,000. The cost of living in Newton follows suit and is way above the average for the US and Massachusetts, too.

It’s located less than 10 miles from Boston and has excellent schools and a peaceful suburban vibe. The biggest employers in Newton are Boston College and Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

The city boasts an unusual mix of attractions with natural sights, agricultural activities, and urban pursuits to choose from. It’s home to several museums and galleries as well as a chance to canoe or kayak along the Charles River.


Provincetown is a wonderful seaside destination at the tip of Cape Cod and a popular tourist hotspot. Alluring beaches rim this cultural hub that’s awash with art galleries, craft shops, and centers promoting the visual arts.

The Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown commemorate the landing site of the Mayflower and the town boasts numerous cabaret theaters, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars.

Provincetown has a thriving population of LGBTQ people as well as intellectuals and is the home of the country’s oldest gay bar, The Atlantic House.

Homes in this charming unique place cost around $473,000 and rentals range from $1,700 to $4,000.

More Reasons to Live in Massachusetts

When you live in Massachusetts you’re perfectly poised for year-round fun and family entertainment.

As part of the glorious New England region, Massachusetts boasts some of the most spectacular fall showcases in the world.

The beaches, state parks, and picnic areas beckon in the summer, while the annual winter wonderland abounds with opportunities for snowy enjoyment.

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