The Benefits of Dumbwaiters for Your Business

If you’re thinking about making a noticeable and effective change to your business, you can look no further than a dumbwaiter.

The elevator installation industry holds a $25 billion value, which exemplifies how important it is to so many different customers. A dumbwaiter is a smaller version of an elevator that holds items and materials, rather than people.

Knowing the ins and outs of dumbwaiters can be an excellent part of your business strategy moving forward.

So what should you know about these fixtures? We’re happy to explain.

Here’s what you should understand about using dumbwaiters as a business tool.

Dumbwaiters Make Your Business More Convenient

Using dumbwaiters adds a measure of convenience to your business that can be a gamechanger.

By having a dumbwaiter installed in your building, you won’t have to run up and down flights of stairs to get the same thing accomplished. Dumbwaiters can go hand in hand with your business features so you can haul several different items and inventory up and down multiple stories.

For instance, you can have people on certain floors processing orders while others box them and ship them. This measure of convenience can be used as a staple part of your business strategy moving forward.

You’ll Save Time and Improve Productivity

Productivity is prized at the highest level in this day and age.

In today’s business landscape, the average worker gets interrupted every 3 minutes or so. When you optimize your workflow and reduce distractions, you make it a lot easier for everyone to stay productive and on task.

A dumbwaiter helps with this because it streamlines the way that materials get handed off. Your workers will be less reliant on other people’s time and schedules, which allows work to be done much quicker and more effectively.

It’s Versatile and Can Be Outfitted to Handle Your Business Features

You will love how versatile a dumbwaiter can be for your business. For instance, some of the uses of dumbwaiters include transporting food items for restaurants, handing off bulk supplies, and sending money securely up and down different stories.

The beauty of dumbwaiters is that they can be customized to serve you in whichever manner makes sense. They can match any business features that you’re looking into, and can provide you with impeccable value that also translates into a great return on investment (ROI).

A Dumbwaiter Can Reduce Injury Risk

Another reason that dumbwaiters are great business additions is that they reduce the risk of injury. You always reduce the risk of injury when you decrease labor in your building.

Dumbwaiters go a long way toward this since potentially heavy items no longer have to be carried up and down flights of stairs.

About 27% of workplace injuries happen due to falls, trips, slips, and other related accidents. This risk goes up exponentially when you’re handling heavy or difficult materials.

Since the dumbwaiter takes this risk off the table, you also lower your liabilities in your workplace. These liabilities come with potential worker’s compensation lawsuits and other matters that can add up and hurt your bottom line.

This Device Can Reduce Labor Costs

When you reduce labor, you also reduce the cost of labor. This means that you can chip away at some of your overhead and operational costs.

By reducing these costs, you will be able to grow your profit margins and make your company more successful as a whole. This also makes your workforce scheduling a lot simpler, and makes you less reliant on having several people on the work floor any given day.

You Will Have More Space in Your Workplace

When you get a dumbwaiter installed in your workplace, it’s situated strategically to not take up too much space in your workplace. This way, you get better use of your square footage and will be able to move around freely and without issue.

Your employees will appreciate this added measure of space. It leads to a better work environment and company morale when you’re not dealing with clutter.

They Can Carry Lots of Weight

You’ll also love the fact that dumbwaiters carry large amounts of weight. A dumbwaiter will have a weight capacity as high as 500 lbs in many cases.

Having access to this measure of force lets you do more with less, without having to overexert yourself. Make sure to pay attention to the weight capacity of any dumbwaiter that you’re thinking of purchasing so that you can purchase the type that is perfect for you without overburdening it.

Dumbwaiters Are Low Maintenance

When you’re looking into a building renovation of any kind, it’s important to always think about the long-term implications. Anything that you change should maximize your financial value.

These fixtures can cost you $20,000 to $40,000 and up, and you don’t have to worry about racking up inordinate repair bills over the years.

After getting your dumbwaiter installed, you’ll generally only have to run periodic inspections from time to time. Get the system maintained by a licensed and certified pro, and don’t hesitate to spring for extensive repairs whenever necessary.

Lean on Us for Business Tool and Equipment Advice

A dumbwaiter is an amazing business tool that you will appreciate having. When you consider the points in this article, you will be better able to buy the best dumbwaiter for your building.

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