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Renovating a bathroom is a very crucial moment

How to properly make a renovation in a bathroom to make the room seem more spacious and comfortable? Feel free to use our recommendations for bathroom stores near me and design elements that will significantly increase a small bathroom space!

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When renovating small bathrooms, do not use dark ceramic tiles and wide borders with significant decorative elements. Choose only light and pure colors. There are simple techniques that visually increase the height and width of the room.

If the tiles are glued vertically, the bathroom will visually appear taller. The height of the room will visually increase if the borders in the design are arranged vertically.

If the ceramic tiles are arranged in width, the room will appear more spacious. With a horizontal arrangement of borders – the room will look more expansive.

 Ceramic mosaics, which are so popular nowadays, which have a considerable number of colors and shades, will especially decorate and make small rooms more spacious. It can be applied to the entire room and to individual decorative elements.


Think carefully about the ceiling, its design, color, and material it will be made of. It is better to think about this at the initial stage of bathroom renovation. A great option is a mirrored suspended ceiling. It can be made of moisture-resistant panels or square slabs and spotlights, which will expand the space.

Suspended ceilings made of matte plastic or glass with a photo print with internal illumination, which creates the effect of expanding the space, look very significant. It is highly advisable to use PVC stretch ceilings, which have a massive range of colors and can be matte and glossy. They will allow you to embody any creative ideas and fantasies. The most excellent effect will be created by a polished ceiling, which will significantly increase the height of the bathroom and visually expand the overall space. In combination with other correctly selected materials and the necessary color after the bathroom renovation, the room will look elegant and spacious.


Think about your plumbing in the bathroom supply store ahead of time and don’t buy cheap bathroom vanity. You can save a lot of space by using plumbing fixtures of specific sizes and models. A sound effect is the use of wall-hung toilet bowls, sinks, bidets, and bathroom furniture. An excellent option for renovation is corner plumbing, which will save the central part of the space. Corner baths, showers, furniture, toilet bowls, and sinks will perfectly fit into any interior. Custom-made bathroom furniture for a specific bathroom interior will help hide all communications (pipes, wires, etc.)

Currently, for the small size of the bathroom, compact plumbing of the “two in one” type is top-rated. Instead of a bath, it is better to use shower cabins or shower enclosures with transparent glass that do not cover the space.


Bathroom renovations can be done without additional costs and alterations. Plan ahead of time where the mirrors will be installed and the outlet of electrical cables for lamps and sockets. By correctly applying optical reflection, you can achieve the stunning effect of increasing the depth and space of a room several times.

It is best to use large mirrors and medicine cabinet with light. You can use several mirrors, but here you cannot overdo it and think how appropriate the effect of multiple reflections will be. Shelves made of transparent glass are perfect for mirrors, which do not shade the space and look the most stylish and elegant. Take care of the correct lighting of the mirror in advance.


When renovating bathrooms, you need to think carefully about lighting. It plays a considerable role in visually increasing the space of any room in the house, and especially the bathroom. It is best to use “daylight” light, the lamps of which can be with a warm and cold glow.

Which color works best will depend on your planning design, including fluorescent lamps and economy lamps, which are currently in high demand. There may be other very original lighting options for the bathroom that will make it unusual and exclusive. If possible, consider combined lighting options in advance. With bright lights, the bathroom can look festive, creating a great mood in the morning. A dim light in the evening will allow you to relax as much as possible, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, for example, while taking a hot tub.


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