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2021 Fall Living Room Decor

Of all, autumn is all about taking advantage of everything from leaf-peeping excursions to creating delectable delicacies such as pumpkin or apple pie.

The season is also a good time to update your home’s décor, especially your fall living room decor. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on new carpets, cushions, and other decorations.

There are plenty of DIY autumn decorations to make any room in your house more appealing for the season, whether it’s your living room, front porch, or dining room. To put your DIY design talents to the test for fall, you may quickly pick up a few craft materials or use pieces you already have.

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the best fall season decoration and style options.

Fall Living Room Decor: Go Geometric

Geometric-chic furniture, such as these faceted tables, may bring all the right angles to all the right locations.

We’re heading toward dimensional styles for autumn, which experiment with lines, curves, forms, and figures. Expect to see classic patterns transformed into useful, attractive sculptures.

Natural and Raw Finishes

We’re ditching the overly veneered, lacquered, and polished styles in favor of the raw, reclaimed, and natural looks that expose wood’s genuine character.

The rougher the boards, the better, and these bedroom sets contain rough-hewn, sandblasted, wire-brushed planks with bandsaw markings.

Statement Lighting

Thanks to statement lighting that brings striking design to the ceiling, all eyes will be attracted up high.

Drama is the name of the game when it comes to chandeliers and pendants, whether it’s in the design, size, or color of the fixture. Lighting has always been important to the overall mood of a place, and today it’s the center of attention.

Dining on a Bench

In terms of eating fads, “gathering” is the way to go. Creating an environment that invites greater closeness and less formality is what we mean by “gathering.”

One method to do this is to replace individual seats with dining benches that seat a few people at a time. Whatever the occasion, this pulls everyone closer together.

Wall Decor with Baskets and Trays

The ever-popular gallery wall has changed, and what used to be a place to hang portraits and paintings is now a place to display any collection. What is this season’s must-have look?

Baskets and trays are made of woven materials. They’re a true triple threat, bringing color, pattern, and texture to your space in an entirely new and attractive manner.

Mix and Match Patterns

Not only are we seeing a lot of designs on carpets, pillows, and blankets, but we’re also beginning to see them interwoven into the actual structure of an item.

The materials in these cabinets are organized to produce eye-catching patterns, and the theme becomes a component of the piece.

Tea Towels with an Autumn Theme

This tea towel duo will add a touch of autumn to your kitchen. A pair of storming cotton towels with joyful, hand-drawn seasonal patterns in crisp, white ink is included in each set. Plus, the towels are machine washable, so a smear of cream cheese frosting or a dash of pumpkin spice coffee won’t spoil them.

Garland of Felt Pumpkins

Drape a string of charming and comfortable pumpkins over your mantel, headboard, or built-in bookshelf.

For the minimalist, contemporary, rustic, and Scandinavian decor alike, this fluffy pom garland is a must-have fall addition. Fall is celebrated with a blend of subdued neutral colors and modest pumpkin elements that don’t overrun the space or detract from the design.

Fabric Pumpkins with Stripes

Gather a handful of these lovely gourds and put them in a pretty bowl on your coffee table or on your dining table with old ginger jars.

The modern striped design on the hand-sewn cloth adds elegant pattern and texture to any setting.

Dried Grass Plume Botanicals

Put this golden harvest bunch in an earthenware vase and place it on your entryway demilune table. The textured blend of blonde and golden dried pampas grass creates a classic autumn arrangement that works with any home design style.

Filler for Pumpkins

For less than $10, get an autumn filler set that includes five blue, orange, and cream pumpkins.

Put everything in an antique dough bowl for a rustic breakfast table centerpiece, or separate the set to add pumpkin accents around your house. These two are equally as cute when they’re apart as they are when they’re together.

Mini Stamped Books for Fall

Feeling attracted to the “Dark Academia” aesthetic? A stamped book stack on your bookshelf or side table can show your enthusiasm for autumn.

Each stack is made from unbound books, tied with rustic twine, and hand-stamped with your choice of fall phrase. For a spectacular autumn display, combine your stack with wooden beads and a large pumpkin.

Make Use of the Nordic Style

The tranquil Scandinavian design is updated with more sustainable, grounded, and handmade components, giving the house more personality and a more customized touch.

Minimalist design becomes more researched and distinctive, bringing warmth to your environment without overwhelming the eyes. You can also add some pop up tv cabinets if you want to increase the space in your living room.

Earthy elements such as rough wood, stone, and concrete are used as key components. Patterned ceramic accessories and in-tone textiles with micro-weaved motifs are among the design elements.

Incorporate distinctive items with sculptural shapes or accent pieces from a local artisan market into a neutral living environment.

Even better, flaunt your own skills; this style is all about individuality and true imperfection, so flaunt a hand-knitted blanket, embroidered pillowcase, or genuine pottery bowl that you produced yourself.

Soft and Sensual: Velvet for Upholstery

Velvet is the hottest trend in upholstery for autumn, and we couldn’t be happier. Velvet is a luxuriously soft and all-around enticing texture that is ideal for creating a comfortable, autumn-ready atmosphere.

Consider velvet layers, such as the cushions and couch seen above, to really appreciate velvet’s luxurious comfort.

Because velvet is naturally warm and soft, you may experiment with bolder, colder colors without fear of detracting from the pleasant autumn atmosphere.

Decor Advice for Your Living Room: Simplified

You don’t have to break the bank to give your living room a wholesome makeover for the fall season.

We hope that our guide has shed some light on the top 2021 trends for the perfect fall living room decor. And, if you’re hungry for more home tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered. Check out our lifestyle and home improvement section for more ideas.


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