Most Common Living Room Rugs Mistakes And Their Solutions

Rugs are a very crucial item of every home. And they play a huge role in elevating the aesthetics of the home. So, if you align with the interior, color, and pattern of your rug with the room space. This will add new charm and glory to the whole living room. Thus, to be slightly more concise in the selection of rug. It will be more beneficial. 

Moreover, always prefer a rug with timeless material and a knitted design. Like handmade rugs, it is a worthwhile investment to stay for a lifetime. Thus, you can buy many rugs and carpets at affordable prices. Like from the online rugs store for trendy rugs in mere few clicks. But here in this article. Some common mistakes and their solutions are picked out. Give them a read below.

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  1. Unknown Size
  2. Color Is Not Known
  3. Rugs Are Unsteady
  4. Poor Rug Maintenance
  5. Affordable Online Rug Store
  6. Conclusion

Unknown Size:

The size of the rugs is really important to make them look nice in a living room. So, they will definitely enhance the outlook of the home. While choosing the rug make sure to have the correct size and measurements in your brain. Most of the time you may fall for small-size rugs. As they look more attractive and affordable too. In addition, if you place a mini size rug in the living room. This will make the entire room very empty and discrete. So, it will be even harder to place furniture items too. 


So, measuring the dimensions precisely is very crucial. The best method to measure the dimensions of the living room space. Where you want to place rugs. Thus, always keep in mind the furniture placing points. But even if you bought a small rug , don’t worry. There is one nifty hack. Simply layer your floor. And place a neutral shade large rug under the small rug.

Color Is Not Known:

Selecting a rug color that will look super trendy and cool is really hard. First, you really need to read color harmony. Like which of the color tones goes along well in your living room space. So, if the room is of bright hues. And you will add more clutter by the vibrant tone rug. This will definitely make your space look like a true mess.


The most accurate method to choose color tone is by contrast. So, if the living room is of vibrant shade. Then a minimal and subtle Aqua Rugs will look perfect. Likewise, if the room is of neutral and subtle shade. Then simply choose the rug which is more vibrant and bold. 

However, you can also match the rug patterns with living room furniture. Like, match the geometric shapes and floral patterns color with your sofa or mirror, etc.

Rugs Are Unsteady:

The area rug or runner must be strictly in place. So, that tripping will be controlled. Like if you’ve bought a flat weaved or hand-knitted rug. Thus, you must know this kind of rug is light in weightage. And they are vulnerable to slips and trips. This makes them quite dangerous for home spaces with large traffic flow. Like hallways, stairs, and living rooms, etc.


So, the most convenient solution is to place rug pads under them. This will keep the rug steady and firm. Thus, prevent any kind of hazardous trips and slips. However, if you have an older age and children in your place. Then make sure to add rug pads under your rugs. Thus, to ensure enough safety and protection. And also protect the floor from scratching and wearing off.

Poor Rug Maintenance:

When you buy a new rug but you never bother to properly care and maintain it. So, poor rug maintenance makes them sluggish. The most common feature of rugs is to collect dirt and dust in them. This feature no doubt makes the indoor space sterile and dust-free. But the dust will trap in rug fibers. And it is really stubborn to take off. 

Moreover, if you love to entertain guests and gatherings. And if you have kids and pets. Who love to roam on rugs and carpets. So, in each of the above scenarios. You need to be extra caring and cautious when it is about maintenance.


You must take out some time from your hectic schedules to maintain your rugs. So, the work of a few minutes to hours will add years to your rug life. You must vacuum your rug often to not let the dirt pile in it. Thus, make sure to always vacuum quickly after eating times and get together. To wipe off all the crumbles and food particles. 

In addition, if any stain or bad odor is stuck in a rug. You must deep clean the rug once or twice a year. 

Affordable Online Rug Store:

So, if you’re on a hunt to buy affordable and quality rugs and carpets. Then the Rug Gallery is your one-stop-shop. You can get rugs of cool colors, unique patterns, multiple sizes, and soft texture materials at fair prices. Moreover, you can get them from any Online rugs store. To save your time and energy.


In conclusion, no doubt purchasing a rug is not a piece of cake. You really need to keep all these things in mind. Like the size, color, and texture of the rug. And after buying the rug you have to make sure about safety and maintenance. Thus, to keep it steady and well clean. So, here in this article above. Some really common mistakes are picked out. And also their easiest solutions were preached. Moreover, buying a rug is a fair deal now. You can simply buy rugs of your choice from an Online rugs store.

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