Top 5 German Study Visa Requirements for Indian Students

Acquiring a higher education abroad in Germany is a dream for many international students, and Indians are no exception. In fact, the latest figures released by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany state that 25,149 Indian students matriculated in Germany over the last year. This means that the number of students from India in Germany has increased by 20.85 per cent in the Winter Semester 2019-2020, the official figures reveal. At the same time, the total number of international students in the ‘Land of Ideas’ stands at 411,601, registering a 4.3 per cent increase. Know Full Form of IXPRL.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Germany is consistently gaining popularity among Indian students to pursue higher education. According to recent data unveiled by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, the number of students from India in Germany has doubled over the past five years. Presently, Indians form the second largest group of international students in Germany.

The low tuition fees at private universities, tuition fees abolishment at public universities, world-class infrastructure, research facilities, global exposure, students’ scholarship programmes, post-study work visa, career prospects, and affordable cost of living are some of the attractive features behind the attraction of Indian students in Germany. So, click here to know the requirements needed to apply for the Germany student visa for Indian students.

Top German study visa requirements for Indian students

Here are the top requirements for a study visa for students from India willing to pursue a degree in Germany:

  1. Complete application form and documentation

Indian students require some essential documents (original and two copies) to acquire a German student visa, including a passport, visa application form, letter of admission from the German university, German language fluency scores, proof of funds, educational certificates, passport-size photographs, students visa fee receipt, and personal covering letter.

  • Proof of financial resources

After fulfilling the application for documentation requirements, it’s time to get your finances in order. You will require a bank guarantee from a German bank, a scholarship certificate with the total cost, a bank deposit of EUR 10,236 for covering the living expenses for a year in Germany, and a commitment letter for fee payment from your guardians.

  • University Letter of Admission

In addition, you will require a letter of admission from the university you will attend in Germany. After receiving the Letter of Admission from the university in your mail, you need to print that mail and submit it as proof of admission.

  • Language proficiency

Although German is the official language of Germany, universities here deliver programmes in both German and English languages. Additionally, language skills are also a necessary requirement for obtaining a student visa. Thus, you need to show language proficiency certificates.

  • Heath coverage

Germany is very particular about the health insurance of international students. Therefore, Indian students need to cover their health through insurance for emergencies in Germany. You even have the option to customise your health insurance in Germany.

Wrapping Up

Prior to enrolling in a programme in a German university, make sure you have what it takes to acquire a study visa. If yes, apply to the course of your choice right away!

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