Luxury Cars and the Driver Personality

Many attach great importance to the image associated with their cars. Beyond being a useful asset, the car is a kind of extension of oneself. 

Some motorists don’t give a damn about this kind of aspect, while others are on the contrary attached, even obsessed, by the image that their car should give off. 

 A living example of that is all the supercars in UAE that owners couldn’t afford to buy but wanted to have. So, they have rented it or bought it with a mortgage then left it at the airport and run away. 

Thus, many brands use it to make money because it is a powerful lever that increases the selling price and the car valuation in Dubai.

Without this “weakness” of the human soul, Porsche, Ferrari or even Rolls would have no reason to exist and they would go bankrupt within a year.

And if the comfort and the equipment are rational and justify paying more for a machine, there is no longer any need to go to the prestigious brands to enjoy it. 

Some cars even have better equipment than the luxury cars of yesteryear, except perhaps in terms of ride comfort. For example, Citroën today offers a very flat plan to meet this demand.

Psychology Behind Buying Cars

Back in the 80s, society whispered that enjoying life was synonymous with consumption and possession. 

And above all, this society is full of very desirable objects, in particular cars, which can enhance your social status they can offer. And for those who are coming from a modest background, it was all the more attractive.

Other types of non-ostentatious cars can tell a lot about their owner because the analysis is not only for showy car owners.

Consumers do not behave rationally all the time. A perfectly rational person would always act by reason or logic; in other words, a perfectly rational person would always act in his interest (including his financial interest).

However, numerous modern behavioral psychology studies have revealed that humans do not always act rationally. And many consumers who buy luxury cars are unable to buy them. Proof of this may be the high levels of consumer debt.

Some people perceive non-luxury products as inferior simply because they are not luxury (and not based on their features or qualities), they also come to the irrational conclusion that higher-priced products are of better quality. 

Contrary to the evidence, they may think you get what you pay for whether or not the products are better than their more affordable counterparts.

Showy Luxury Vehicles

Some people own cars with attributes that are far from essential in terms of use. Is the chrome of a premium car useful for example?

Because even for those who have the means, it remains a useless waste that could have been invested more smartly: investments that pay off or better yet, share it with those who are more in need.  

In some developed countries, when you see certain streets full of cars worth between 50 and 150,000 euros, you can legitimately say to yourself that it is strange that misery continues to exist.

However, the gap is less to be noticed when you see how they sell cars in Dubai or Monaco. 

There are 3 categories of people with luxury cars:

  1. First of all, some people lack self-confidence. Sometimes a person had a past that devalued him (intellectually, socially, etc.) or a physique that was difficult to bear. 

A top-of-the-range car will therefore be able to compensate for things a little, by recovering a few envious glances which catch up with all the others who have been rather mocking and demeaning.

These people do not necessarily want to be above others, they sometimes only seek the love that they have missed from others.

  1. Second, are those who want to mark a clear border between the “poor” and them, aka, the real bourgeois, those who have always been bourgeois, those who “fell into it when they were little”. 

Having a prestigious car allows you not to mix up tea towels and napkins. These people will also have a very strong aversion to socially fallen people. 

They generally consider themselves superior to ordinary passers-by.

  1. Finally, the third are those who are attracted to everything efficient and rigorously designed. 

Because beyond conveying a rewarding image, higher-end vehicles also benefit from often more rigorous construction and design. 

Those who have a penchant for everything that is clean and where nothing protrudes, are attracted to this market segment.

 These will sometimes go more towards Volvos because the bling-bling and the “have you seen me” are generally not their main focus point. A Mercedes or a BMW is for example more flashy. For more interesting articles, Please Visit Tom Corton Bio

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