Local Seo or International SEO: What is the Best for You?

The economy of Dallas used to focus on farming and trading. But as the city started to welcome new technologies, other industries like information technology and telecommunications boomed in the area. As a result, small businesses also increase in the city. According to the Office of Advocacy of the US Small Business Administration, there are 2.8 million small businesses in Dallas and the rest of Texas. Since there are plenty of small businesses in the city, you can expect to see stiff competition among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the area. Investing in digital marketing strategies with agencies offering seo Dallas could help beat the competition.

But choosing the right SEO strategy can be challenging. Some will focus on local SEO if they want a more substantial online presence within their community. Others instruct their SEO service providers to focus on international SEO to prepare for expansion. Here are the differences between these SEO services and how to choose them.

What is Local SEO?

Using local SEO techniques requires optimizing a website to generate more leads and boost brand recognition from local searches. Therefore, it is more beneficial if your business operates in a specific city like Dallas or the nearby areas.

Local SEO offers relevant results for the user based on where they are at the moment. It requires your SEO team to focus your keyword optimization on a targeted location to boost the chances of getting a higher website ranking. For example, you have a pastry shop in Dallas. Your SEO Dallas team must use keywords and phrases like “best pastry shops in Dallas” then optimize it for your location.

Some of the most common tasks used in local SEO include:

  • Registering Google My Business listing
  • Looking for local keywords
  • Adding on-page elements
  • Creating citation
  • Building relevant backlinks
  • Managing social media marketing
  • Moderating review and ratings

What is International SEO?

Also called Global SEO, this process targets international customers using various global search engines. It is often used by businesses that provide products and services globally.

You can target international customers worldwide even if you operate in Dallas. You can use various SEO techniques like geo-targeting, hreflang tags, and different localization tags. These signals allow Google and other popular search engines to understand your website’s content so they can categorize it in different countries and languages.

Some of the most useful International SEO tasks include:

  • Link building for an international setting
  • International SEO strategy for developing the website structure
  • International content optimization
  • Geo-targeting
  • Building Google My Business profile
  • Using technical SEO signals

Local SEO vs. International SEO: What Should You Choose?

The best answer to this question will vary, depending on your business goals and ambitions. If you want to focus on your community and serve your local clients, ask your SEO service provider to concentrate on local SEO tasks. But if you wish to expand your services to the rest of the world, it would be better to invest in international SEO services to reach global clients.

So before picking the best SEO strategy for your business, you should have a clear vision of your company’s future. Whether you want to strengthen your online presence in local searches or if you plan to promote your brand internationally, using the right strategy will be the best move for your business.


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