5 Key Ways to Stay Organized as a Teacher

Did you know there were over three million teachers in public schools in 2018? If you’re one of the millions of teachers dedicated to giving your students the best education, you might be thinking about your teacher goals for the next school year. 

One of your goals is probably finding the best ways to maintain organization in the classroom. This guide will help you stay organized. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Use Storage Bins 

As a teacher, you’ll need to keep a lot of supplies in your classroom. You might need to keep arts and crafts supplies, extra writing instruments, or toys.

One thing that can help you keep an organized classroom when you have lots of supplies are storage bins. Get a cabinet and matching bins for different items in your classroom. Make sure you also label every bin for easy access. 

2. A Planner Is Your Friend 

Organizing your teacher schedule will help you prioritize each day with your students. This is where a planner can come in handy. 

There are so many daily tasks to complete as a teacher. You have to keep up with planning lessons and grading assignments. You also have to keep up with different meetings. 

Make sure you never forget an important date by keeping it all written in your planner.

3. Color Coding Can Help

Good classroom management also includes remembering important student information. Using colors can help make that easier for you. 

When you start a new school year, you should consider assigning each student a different color. Use folders with the corresponding color for each student. 

Keep important documents and files in these folders. If you need to look for these at a later date, the different colors will make it easier to find what you need.

4. Avoid Procrastination

If you want to stay organized in the classroom it’s important to follow through with your classroom goals. This means you should avoid procrastinating at all costs. If you planned to have your grades completed by the end of the week, you should get them done by Friday. 

Creating a plan in advance will help you avoid procrastination. Set a goal of grading a certain amount of papers per day. This will keep the workload doable and prevent you from getting overwhelmed. 

5. Use Apps in the Classroom 

There are also great digital tools to help you keep your classroom organized. Powerapps for education can help you create tools to enhance learning. 

Find apps that help you come up with different teaching strategies for all kinds of learning styles. You can also use apps to track proficiency. This will help you find the areas where students are struggling.

These Teacher Goals Can Help You Keep an Organized Classroom

There are many teacher goals in this guide that you should aim for. Aim to use a planner during the school year to help you stay organized. Using educational apps can make your classroom more efficient as well. 

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