How to Keep Ourselves Healthy?

It is said that we do not value a thing properly until we have lost it. It is only when we have a lost a friend that we realize how much we have lost to him. So, it is with health. Healthy persons do not value sufficiently the blessing of health. If you want to know what such a blessing is health, you should go and ask the person who has lost it. On should cannot be careless about one’s health. It is only when you have lost your health that you realize that it is one of the Gods best gift to you.

keep ourselves healthy

Good health is necessary for happiness and success. Those who do not have good health cannot enjoy any happiness in life. A person with lack of yoga training and physical exercise are more prone have a bad health and may develop many health-related problems. Now of days increased in number of pollutants in atmosphere also play a major role in deteriorating the health of human beings.

There are many substances present in the atmosphere which degrade not only the environment but also causes harmful effects on human health.  Various pollutants are present in the atmosphere like smoke, heavy concentration of carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid, nitrous acid, ozone, methane etc. This environmental pollution poses a great threat to the lives of individual and alter the normal functioning of the body.

How can we keep ourselves healthy?

There are various ways that we can do to achieve good health –

  • We must eat good plain and wholesome food. We must not eat too much or too little. One should avoid eating unhealthy food like food items with full of carbohydrates, fats and sugar. Processed food like canned beans, frozen food items also possess harmful components which are harmful to our body.
  •  A balanced diet with nutrients and proteins should be encouraged to keep ourselves healthy.
  • We should take physical exercise and yoga training regularly. A person with good immune system is capable of fighting any kind of infections from viruses and bacteria.
  • We must take as much as fresh air as possible. We should live in ventilated rooms and homes with enough sunlight and ventilated rooms. Houses with close, stuffy and ill ventilated rooms causes health problems.
  • We must take proper rest. If we go on working strenuously the whole day and do not take a rest at regular interval, our health will be affected. Proper rest is necessary for the upkeep of our health. Continuous work without taking proper rest not only affect the physical health but also the mental health of an individual.
  • Personal hygiene can also help in maintaining the health. Cleaning of our surrounding, have proper sanitation, proper cleanliness makes the surface free from viruses and bacteria.
  • If a person is infected from some diseases or infection, it is better to sterilize the belonging of the infected person. This cut the chances of transmission and the healthy person become immune from infections.
  • We must have plenty of sleep. Gong to bed late and rising early will soon exhaust our nerves and ruin our health. We must have full sleep before we apply ourselves to our daily work. Over sleeping as well as under sleeping both are harmful for health. So, a person should get eight hour proper sleep. This helps him to gain strength and this make the day pleasant and free from tiredness.
  • We must avoid bad habits; like drinking excess alcohol, smoking, taking opium and other toxic products that are harmful to human health. Excessive intake of alcohol and smoke decreases the vital capacity of body and making the person’s immunity null. This causes a person more prone to infections and various dangerous diseases.
  •  A person with stress and anxiety are more vulnerable to health problems. A stress-free mind can maintain balance. If a person is unable to handle stress and other mental problem, he must consult doctors.

Meditation plays a important role in relaxing the strained nerves. An individual who performs meditation for at least half an hour develop better coordination with body and help to get rid of stress and anxiety. Therefore, meditation provide a person inner peace and positivity.


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