Is Travel Insurance Worth It? Most Definitely, and Here’s Why

After two dismal years, the travel industry is back. Tourism, conference and events, and international tourism are nearing 2019 levels.

The first quarter of 2022 saw a 182% increase in international travel over the same period in 2021.

People are anxious to explore the world again after the pandemic. If you’re one of them, you probably have a few questions before you go.

Is travel insurance worth it? What happens if I get sick on vacation? What documentation do I need to travel abroad?

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn the answers to those questions and more. Read on to learn how travel insurance gives you the security you need to enjoy your vacation, no matter what happens.

A Quick Look at the Travel Industry Rebound

Look at the news and you’ll see nothing but chaos across the travel industry. U.S. airlines canceled more than 100,000 flights in 2022.

Airline strikes in Europe continue to lead to delays and cancellations. Stories of lost luggage or piles of luggage in airports like Heathrow are commonplace.

It’s gotten so bad, that airport authorities are begging airlines to cut ticket sales.

What’s the cause of these delays and pile-ups? Understaffing.

Airlines were forced to reduce staff because of the pandemic. There wasn’t demand for travel, so airlines cut jobs across the board.

Airlines aren’t even close to operating with a full staff. It’s the same with airport security checkpoints. There have been hours of delays because this is the first busy travel period post-Brexit.

The news seems bleak if you’re planning to travel anytime soon. There’s a good chance that you’ll have issues with your luggage or face delays at the airport.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Before the pandemic, you probably didn’t think much about travel insurance. The travel industry operated pretty efficiently, except for weather delays and the occasional mishap.

These days, you’d be crazy not to take a trip without travel insurance. It covers those things that may happen on your trip.

Travel insurance covers medical injuries and emergencies. Some of your losses get covered if your luggage gets lost or stolen.

For those traveling to politically unstable destinations, you may get coverage if you need to evacuate. Sudden cancellations for flights and hotels get covered, too.

Emergency evacuations also apply if they’re weather related, such as floods and hurricanes.

Some types of travel insurance have trip cancellation coverage. You’re able to cancel a trip without incurring losses.

Are you wondering what the difference is between your standard health insurance policy and travel insurance? It’s a matter of networks.

A domestic health insurance policy only applies to a certain state or providence. You have access to a specific insurance carrier’s network to get the care that you need at home.

There are very few policies that include medical coverage abroad. Get an instant health insurance quote to see what your options are.

You’ll probably learn that a solid health insurance policy supplemented by a travel insurance policy is your best bet for your vacation.

How to Find the Best Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance has the potential to cover everything you need during your trip. However, your coverage is only as good as the policy you sign up for.

You’ll find that there are certain exclusions in travel insurance policies that could make your insurance useless when you need it.

That’s why you can’t go with the cheapest option that you find.

Do you have credit cards? Credit cards offer limited travel insurance, but only if you charge the trip to those cards.

Read the fine print carefully. You might find that travel insurance only applies for round trip tickets or the coverage is limited to a couple of hundred dollars.

What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?

Travel insurance policies have different levels of coverage. You’ll want to assess what kind of travel insurance you need. Think of the destinations, the amount of time you need coverage, and

Be aware of any pre-existing health conditions you have. Travel insurance may cover pre-existing conditions, but only if you meet certain requirements. Read through the entire policy to learn more about them.

Do travel insurance companies cover COVID? Not all of them. The companies that do offer travel insurance void the policy if you travel to a high-risk country.

For adventurers planning on doing high-risk activities like scuba diving or climbing, know that most travel insurance policies don’t cover you if you have an accident.

You have to get a special policy designed for these activities.

How much luggage do you plan to bring with you? Travel insurance policies cover luggage at different levels. A cheap policy might only cover you up to $500. More expensive policies cover about $1,000.

It’s worth it to get the more expensive policy if you’re traveling abroad for an extended period.

Finding Travel Insurance Providers

You’ll want to read reviews of travel insurance companies. Learn about their responsiveness and quality of customer service. If you find a carrier has a lot of denied claims, skip them.

This cannot be stressed enough – read the entire policy through, along with the exclusions of the policy. It’s not enough to know if you have adequate coverage by reading a comparison chart.

Compare the costs and make sure that you’re covered for each country you travel to. Hopefully, you won’t need to use travel insurance, but you have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered.

Getting Sick on Vacation Isn’t Fun

Getting sick or injured on vacation isn’t fun. Same with delays and cancellations beyond your control. Instead of letting those things ruin your trip, get travel insurance.

Is travel insurance worth it? It is as long as you sign up for the right policy. Think about your needs and make sure that you have the right policy that covers them.

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