Industries That Require Low Loader Trailers For Transportation

The low load trailers are known by many names in various countries, such as a low bed or low boy trailers. Low-loader trailers were founded in the 1920s and have been used for several transportation purposes. In addition, Low-loader trailers can carry heavy stuff from one place to another. This makes it possible for various industries to do their work more efficiently by easily transporting required equipment or machinery.

The essential features of these trailers are that they can adjust the height of the deck. Therefore, they can be of various structures used for multiple types of transportation needs. Furthermore, the ramp of these trailers allows carrying equipment without much hassle. Moreover, you will not need any special permit for moving loads over heights. In addition, this is because the height of the low loader trailer is 1.5 meters, and the allowed transportation height without a permit is 4.5 meters.

Use Of Low Load Loader 

The low-loader trailer is simple; they help carry heavy machinery to the required location. They are safe and stable trailers that make transportation much more accessible and trouble-free. The low-loader trailers are made of heavy material that can sustain heavy weight while traveling. These low loaders can carry various types of heavy machinery such as dump trucks, cranes, or other types of machinery. Different structures of low-loader trailers allow versatile transportation for multiple industries. 

Mining Machinery

The machinery required to do digging while mining is heavy and cannot be carried easily. These machines help miners dig out essential materials from the surface of the earth, such as minerals and oils. The mining industry uses the low-loader trailers to carry their machinery to the mining location. The equipment is disassembled before transporting and reassembled at the required destination.    

Transportation for Heavy Vehicles

Vehicle manufacturers such as cars, trucks, and bikes usually use low-loader trailers. This allows manufacturers to deliver the vehicles to the customers without using them. The low boy trailers carry these vehicles to the showrooms or other destinations. They can be used to transport the vehicles directly to the client. Moreover, the low-loader trailers can carry many vehicles simultaneously by stacking them. 

Equipment for Forestry

The forestry needs equipment or machinery to cut down wood logs or process the timber. Moving these logs cannot be done without the heavy machinery. The machinery required for forestry must be transported to the rough terrains, and the low-loader trailers are best for these works as they can travel in these rugged terrains.


The agricultural lands are located far away from the cities, and the machinery required for farming is heavy. The low-loader trailers can transport travel through the muddy area and can transport the equipment to the farm without any damage. The width or height of the agricultural equipment will not cause much trouble with using a low-loader trailer.   

Construction Machines 

The construction of buildings or houses requires various machinery to build the building properly. Therefore, the construction also requires the transportation services of heavy machinery. A low-loader trailer can easily transport the concrete blocks or other machinery needed for construction, such as cranes. Semi-trailers can be used to transport small equipment, but the transport of heavy equipment will require low-loader trailers.  

Rail Vehicles

The rail vehicles are heavier than many other vehicles and cannot be moved on the roads. The low bed trailers are the ones that can help carry these rail road coaches by road. The low-loader trailer can transport various rail vehicles such as locomotives, rail coaches, railroad vehicles, etc.  

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