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The way you develop the online presence of your business determines how well your revenue can be. It is the most effective decisive factor of your exponential business growth. Since the website is what makes you build the online presence of your business, you need to host it on a reliable, suitable, and secure hosting server. This leads you to search for an ideal dedicated server in Ashburn. That is because it helps in dropping the limitations that can come with other servers for hosting your business website, especially when your web business is growing, such as –

  • Prolonged website loading time
  • Downtime issues
  • Limited web resources availability
  • Business website slugging
  • The website stops functioning due to the heavy load on other sites
  • Security concerns
  • No root access to the hosting server, etc.

You can find the hosting plan of a perfect and cheap dedicated server Ashburn with the renowned Serverwala hosting company. However, before we talk more about it, let us first highlight the working and benefits of the dedicated server in a bit more detail.  

About Dedicated Server in Ashburn

The dedicated server permits you to host your website of an online business on a single whole server. Unlike some other hosting services, you do not need to share the server you lease with any other user’s website with the ashburn dedicated server hosting. Your website acquires the support of all the web resources available on your dedicated server.

You can either have your server managed by your hosting provider or run it on your own. This implies that either you can opt for managed dedicated hosting or unmanaged dedicated hosting service.

Moreover, you must know that you are required to spend on a dedicated server more than you need to do on other hosting servers. However, you must note that investing in an Ashburn dedicated server hosting is worth it. Because it provides huge benefits and makes you generate greater profits out of your web business. Also, now you can find the cheap dedicated server Ashburn with the high-grade hosting services with the Serverwala hosting company. We will get the knowledge about it in the coming up segments.

What Are The Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting in Ashburn?

Cheap Dedicated Server

High Loading Speed

All the resources from CPU to bandwidth belong to your business website. With the high availability of resources at all the time, your website’s loading speed remains high.

Data Security

Even with the cheap dedicated server Ashburn, the hosting environment your website gets is isolated and private. This leaves no chance for the third party including malware, virus, etc., to attack or affect your website’s data in any manner.


You have access to the entire server with the ashburn dedicated server hosting. This enables you to run your server the way you desiret. You can run the OS that your website finds suitable. Further, you can customize as well as configure the server set up as per your online business demands. You can operate the applications, software, and other programs of your choice.

High Scalability

With dedicated server hosting in ashburn, you get the opportunity to increase your server web resources as and when necessitated. Thus, you can let your website perform optimally even after the rise in web traffic or under traffic peaks.

Know About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala has gained huge recognition among industry-leading organizations worldwide. It is one of the top-notch hosting companies rendering the best-dedicated server in Ashburn. It provides dedicated server hosting services at the cheapest rates possible. However, you will find no compromise from the company’s side in rendering the hyper-scale and intense hosting facilities because of the low cost.

Buy Bare Metal Dedicated Server in Ashburn From Serverwala

The company’s cheap dedicated server Ashburn comes with top-tier equipment with the highest network connectivity. Your online business will have the support of resilient infrastructure and robust, modern hardware tools. Also, the company provides full transparency in the service costing through the billing dashboard. You will have access to it for knowing the exact costs of the hosting services you get.

Choose Your Best & Cheap Plans of Dedicated Server Ashburn

You can encounter varied plans for cheap dedicated server Ashburn with the Serverwala hosting company. They all come with the possibility that allows you to upgrade them at any time whenever required. You will obtain the service level agreement from the company with any plan you pick. It will ensure your business website 100% uptime guarantee for its high performance and excellent end-user experience.

Why Should You Opt Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn From Serverwala?

Cheap Dedicated Server

Following are some of the crucial reasons that explain enough about the great significance and high reliability of the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Ashburn. Let’s check them out!

  • Support for Hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Premium bandwidth of up to 1 GBPS along with the fastest network
  • Private VLAN Subnets
  • Constant and flexible network united with the multiple Internet Exchanges
  • One IPv4 and IPv6 address with the cheap dedicated server Ashburn with the chance to buy more
  • SSH root control of your server
  • Data encryption along with high-level security features
  • Secure networking with no possibility of external network interference


You can opt for the fully managed dedicated server hosting of the Serverwala company if you are not tech-savvy when it comes to maintaining the hosting server. Also, you can pick it in case you have time constraints. Otherwise, the unmanaged dedicated server hosting will serve as a good option for you to host your website freely without any interference from the hosting company.

Refer to the customer support service of the Serverwala company to resolve doubts regarding hosting services if any. Or, you can simply visit the company’s detailed website to find more about the cheap dedicated server Ashburn.

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