How to Write a Research Paper in a Day

It is depressing to stay too long with an essay or research paper. Any student would wish to complete any assignment in a few hours or a day and focus on other activities. You can hire killer papers writers online and get your work done in a few hours.


Whether it is an essay, research paper, or ordinary coursework, you should take the least time possible. It allows you to play your favorite game, watch a movie, go on a picnic, take a job, or start a business, among other more productive activities. Here are excellent hacks that will allow you to complete your research paper in a day.

Choose an interesting topic

The topic of discussion determines the speed with which you complete a paper. An interesting topic comes with insights, helping you to research and write faster. On the other hand, a boring topic will drain your energy, causing you to take a longer time to complete the paper.

An interesting topic depends on the subject of choice. Choose a subject that is relevant to your area of study so that you do not struggle to find materials. It is advisable to choose a topic in an area that you are passionate about. The passion causes you to keep working on the paper even when fatigue sets in.

Collect all the materials you need

Gather all research papers, books, journals, and any other reliable source of information on the subject. By the time you sit down to draft the paper, these materials should be at arm’s length. You will avoid having to leave the desk in search of reference materials or information on the subject of discussion.

Disruptions as you search for research materials slow down your writing intensity. You cannot get deep into the research paper, resulting in weak arguments. You fail to see ideas that would otherwise be clear had you dedicated all your time to drafting. By collecting all the materials, you will have no reason to pause or delay its completion.

Hire a professional assistant

A research assistant or helper takes over some or all the assignments. Since the writers dedicate all their time to drafting the paper, it will take them a few hours to complete it. You will have your paper returned in a day, leaving you to spend time and energy on other more interesting engagements.

The best writing helper is an experienced one. You may also want to choose a writer who has trained in your target area so that he can deliver a technically sound paper. Search early to reduce the cost of hiring. You should check reviews of the writing service to avoid online scams or a bad experience through plagiarism and lack of confidentiality.

Prepare the right workstation

Set up a perfect desk from where you can write your paper. The desk is part of an environment that supports your need for silence while you work on the paper. Choose ergonomic furniture to protect your body from fatigue. Straining while you sit on the desk for long hours will cause you to abandon the paper within a short time. Rising from the desk counts as a distraction and will slow you down.

Take regular breaks

Schedule regular and reasonable breaks in the day. Start early when the body and mind are still fresh. You will put in more hours and find room for regular breaks. Use the brakes to grab a snack, water, favorite energy drink, or even food.

Spend break time away from the desk. Walk to the window, stretch your body, or chat with friends or other people around the premises. The break should be fifteen minutes every two hours. You rejuvenate the body and mind, helping you to return to work with greater zeal. You also avoid fatigue and burnout by taking breaks.

Use writing tools

Writing tools help you to draft the paper faster. They range from typing apps to citation and referencing platforms. For example, an audio typing app saves you the trouble of typing manually on your laptop. It will take less time to dictate the paper for the app to write compared to typing manually.

Once the apps take over some of the tasks, you can concentrate on developing the strongest arguments. You will be less tired, enabling you to produce stronger arguments in your paper. You also focus on your ideas instead of worrying about citations, editing, and referencing.

Look for samples and examples

A lot of time is lost trying to figure out what to do with a paper. In other instances, you take the wrong approach and have to repeat an entire chapter. A sample assures you that you are doing the right thing. Such confidence helps you to work faster and complete the paper on time.

Samples and examples can be misleading. Discuss the materials with your peers or your tutor before using them to avoid being misled. You must also obtain samples from credible sources to guarantee quality.

All hacks you can imagine or try will require the cooperation of the body and mind. Prepare the body and mind for long working hours. It means making sacrifices to avoid friends, social media, entertainment gadgets, and accepting some fatigue. Budget for every minute to help you keep track of your progress. You will know the time to write faster or maintain the pace and hit the targeted finish time. 

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