How to Start Ebay Dropshipping Business

Drop-shipping is quickly becoming an option among wholesalers in the world. Fast and effective, drop-shipping allows you to sell goods without having a physical store. This eliminates unnecessary expenses. For optimal results, get the process right. Use this step-by-step tutorial from Nahar Geva of ZIK Analytics to get it right. Make a sample order. Take note of price fluctuations. Don’t make these mistakes if you want to grow your drop-shipping business.

Ignoring To Make Sample Order

Make a sample-based order. Yes, it will cost you money. However, it will benefit your business in the long run. This is one of the best ways to develop your business. The best thing to do is to bargain for sample order. If you decide on using the wholesaler, you can sell that sample.

Sample order will tell you how long it takes for the wholesaler to ship products. Understanding the wholesaler’s handling time will help you make the right decisions. The sample order will also tell you about the shipping time. Still more, you will understand the security measures of the wholesaler. Your reputation will depend on how fast your wholesaler works. Use an efficient wholesaler.

Not Paying Attention to Remote Shipping Cost

Remote shipping can be a nightmare. Besides costing you more money, remote shipping can take time. Plus, if you cancel the orders to remote places, you will upset your customers. This will taint your reputation.

Before doing remote shipping, inquire about the full shipping rates. This should include the shipping options available. For instance, you can choose priority or express. From here, set your rates on eBay.

Strict Return Policy

Without a return policy, your business might not thrive. Avoiding returns can make it extremely difficult for customers to believe in you. In case the goods get lost or damaged during delivery, your customers will expect to be reimbursed. So, be sure to have a return policy in place.

Not Considering Price Fluctuations

eBay is a very competitive platform. Price fluctuations are extremely common in this marketplace. Before you start selling an item, be sure to check your competitors’ prices. This will help you to stay relevant and competitive.

Consider inquiring about price policy. You can also bargain price discounts. Offer your buyers different shipping methods. Use GPS tracking to optimize the safety of your customer’s goods.

Not Listing Items Regularly

List your items regularly. If you can, do it once a day. Keep the listings fresh. Create good product descriptions. Write fresh content. Remember, drop-shipping is an exciting idea. There are several people out there who have made huge profits from drop-shipping. Thus, take your time to grow your business. List new items regularly. The algorithm in eBay favors new listings.

The Bottom-Line

Drop-shipping is a brilliant idea. As a wholesaler, you can cost-effectively reach millions of customers. You don’t need a physical store. This eliminates overhead costs while increasing your profits. However, doing things right is very important. In particular, simple mistakes can kill your business. Take note of the above mistakes when running your drop-shipping business. 


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