How to Download Twitter Videos

According to Twitter’s laws, videos posted on Twitter may be saved. However, publishing or distributing videos posted by others to Twitter or other social networking platforms without permission is an infringement of copyright. 

That is in case you distribute it without permission also if you download Twitter videos for personal enjoyment is not illegal. So be careful how you use them and save videos on Twitter.

If you have a good understanding of copyright issues, we will show you how to download Twitter videos in detail in this article.

Can you download a Twitter video?

When you want to download a video, you may have wondered, “Can I download this video?”

You can download Twitter videos if you just want to enjoy the saved videos for yourself. However, publishing videos uploaded by other users without permission may be an infringement of copyright.

Twitter Video Download Guidelines

According to Twitter’s new Terms of Service that have been in place since January 1, 2020, there is no statement that “Video was not downloaded”.

Therefore, it is in principle possible to save the video.

Beware of Piracy

We mentioned earlier that you can save videos but be careful about piracy. Please pay attention to this issue.

This law is not only used within the scope of Twitter, so it is clear that even if you post on other platforms, it is illegal. In addition, the act of downloading and releasing videos such as TV and movies, music videos of singers, and other videos that are distributed for a fee that causes “disadvantage to others” is also a copyright violation. As you can see, this is a matter of concern.

Watch the video Twitter downloaded individually

You’ll not break the law as long as you save the video and enjoy it in a personal way. Because according to Twitter’s rules, that’s not wrong.

Recommendations for downloading Twitter videos

How to use converters to download Twitter videos on smartphones and PCs?

You can also download Twitter videos using converters on smartphones and PCs. One of the best tools that can be used on any device is SnapTwitter.

How to do it is simple. So follow the steps below.

  1. Open Twitter and select the video on the tweet you need to download.
  2. Then click the share icon if you are on a phone. In case you use a laptop or PC, right-click on the video. From there, you’ll get the Copy Link option.
  1. Open an Internet browser and go to SnapTwitter.
  2. Paste the copied video link into the white box in the middle of the screen and select download right next to it.
  1. Finally, choose the video quality option you need. You will then see the video in your computer’s downloads folder or your phone’s gallery.

How to copy a URL?

Pay attention to how to copy URLs because the copying method is slightly different between Android and iPhone.

For Android:

1. Select the video you want to download.

2. Click the Share icon at the bottom right.

3. Click the Copy link.

For iPhones: 

1. Click the video you want to save to play it.

2. Click the icon uploaded by the arrow at the bottom right.

3. Click show “Share tweets differently”, then click more.

4. IOS share screen appears, click “Copy Link”.

Thus, with just a few simple steps you can completely copy the link quickly.

How to download Twitter iPhone videos?

If you want to download Twitter videos on your iPhone, you cannot download them directly from Twitter but must use tools and services. This time, you can use “Clipbox +” or “TheWorld for Twitter”.

Here’s how to do it in detail.

1. Clipbox +

Clipbox + is a useful application that can scale video, PDF, etc. You can extract a video and view it through this application. Previously it could be used on Android, but now it is only compatible with iPhone. To use this app you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the tweet containing the video you want to download and click the upload arrow icon then click Share Tweet in the other. 
  • Click the Copy link. If you see a “Copy” message, the link copying was successful.
  • Perform the conversion.
  • Then paste the link you just copied into the box below the URL conversion menu and save the video.
  • Download and install Clipbox +.
  • From the converted video links, hold down the link under “Merge files (mp4)” and select Copy.
  • In the Clipbox, select Clip, and then select the URL.
  • Long press the text box, then copy and paste the video link and click OK to Start Download. When finished, the video will be saved in “My Collection”.
  • Click to play the video. This is the video you need. 

2. TheWorld for Twitter

You can also download Twitter videos with “TheWorld for Twitter”. This is the recommended saving method when you want to use the video even outside of the app.

  • Install and login TheWorld for Twitter in your account 2. Then select Login to Twitter
  • Please select “TheWorld” to continue.
  • Enter your Twitter username or email address and password and click Authenticate “Linked Apps”. Your account will then be added to The World and you can click to complete the login.
  • Open tweet the video you want to download and save on your device.
  • Then click on the thumbnail.
  • While the movie is playing, click the second icon from the bottom left then select Movie and save.
  • Thus, the required video has been downloaded.

How to download Twitter video Android?

There are different ways to save using Android apps. This time, there are two methods, one is to save with “TwitPane” and the other to save with “Favon”. How to do it will be explained in detail below.

1. TwitPane

How to do this: 

  • Download and install “TwitPane”.
  • Start TwitPane, open the Tweet screen, and play the video.
  • Click the icon at the bottom right of the playback screen.
  • Then click Save.
  • From there, the video will be saved in your smartphone’s “download” folder. 

2. Fabon

For Android, you can also use another software called “Fabon”. Fabon is a software that saves tweets for offline reading, but you can also save videos. It is especially suitable for those who have difficulty switching accounts. Here’s how:

  • Download and install “Fabon”.
  • When the installation is complete, open the tweet and click the icon at the bottom right
  • Click “Favorites”.
  • If you permit the app, Favon and Twitter will be linked.
  • Next, you can choose the category in which you want to save the tweet, but for now, save it under “Read later”.
  • Start Fabon once and click on the folder to read later
  • Click the big icon and you will be asked if you want to download the media data, now click “OK”.
  • The download is complete and you can play the video. Then click on the video thumbnail to go to the playback screen.
  • Click the icon at the bottom left and the video will be saved on your smartphone.
  • You can see that a new folder of “Fabon” has been created and the video has been saved.

Tips for downloading Twitter videos

As mentioned at the beginning, we’ll talk about precautions and illegal activities when saving videos. Copyright issues are complex. Maybe you broke the law without realizing it. Then it’s late, so make sure you understand it.

Keep it within the personal interest

Keep downloaded videos within personal interest. Please do not upload videos that have been submitted and re-uploaded by others.

Currently, “downloading videos” is not prohibited, but it may be because of future revised rules. Be sure to check the latest terms and conditions regularly.

Beware of illegal uploads

Some videos have been uploaded illegally, so don’t save them. Uploaded videos are illegal and if you download them you will be guilty of even using them for private purposes. To avoid these risks, do not download videos that are strange and notify management and take action.


This time, we introduced tools and applications to download Twitter videos separately for each device. Currently, Twitter does not prohibit downloading videos but may be banned due to careless use by others. To prevent this from happening, make sure everyone follows the rules.


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