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How to Design a Modern Farmhouse Interior Like a Pro

Many Americans spend 10% extra on design costs for a modern farmhouse. Luckily, the overall home value increases alongside it.

The look of the interior of your home dramatically impacts your mood. The modern farmhouse design can make your home warm, inviting, and relaxing. Yet, you may not know how to pull off this look, especially if you’re new to interior design.

We will fill you in on all the must-know facts about remodeling your home with farmhouse and modern styles.

1. Identify and Create a Modern Farmhouse Interior Plan

This design style is all about clean lines, so it’s best to start with setting the basics, such as a neutral color palette. This gives you a blank canvas to work with and allows you to add pops of color as you please.

Opt to add clean-lined minimal furniture. This will help create a more open and airy feel to your space.

It would be great to keep things simple for your modern farmhouse interior design. Use natural materials like wood, stone, and linen. Don’t overcomplicate things, or your space will look cluttered.

2. Incorporate Rustic Elements

Include unfinished wood, shiplap, and industrial-style light fixtures. Other popular rustic touches include using vintage finds, like an antique milk jug or an old-fashioned scale.

There are many ways to find affordable rustic home pieces. One way is to look for sales at local stores or online. Another way is to look for used furniture or decor at local thrift stores. You can also find affordable rustic home pieces by looking for DIY projects online or in magazines.

Farmhouse decor evokes feelings of a simpler time when life moved a bit slower. It would be even better if you added in some greenery. Plants will add a touch of life to your space and make it feel more organic.

3. Mix And Match Old and New Pieces

A modern farmhouse style should incorporate both vintage and contemporary pieces. Decorate your walls with modern artwork or vintage farmhouse posters.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Use both vintage or antique pieces with modern furnishings. You can shop for mesh cabinet and fixtures that are perfect for your modern farmhouse. Farmhouse design has no set rules, so have fun and be creative! Don’t forget to add in some personal touches that reflect your style.

4. Look For Inspiration

The modern farmhouse interior is quite popular. This allows us to utilize different online platforms to gain inspiration. Magazines can also help give you an idea of what you like.

Furnishing your space will be much easier once you have a general idea through inspiration. Finding the right pieces that reflect a modern farmhouse style will also be faster.

Finally, Put Everything Together

If you want to design a modern farmhouse interior like a pro, the key is to focus on simplicity and functionality. Choose furniture and decor that are both stylish and practical, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different materials and textures to create a unique and inviting space.

Use these tips and tricks to help select the best pieces for your space. Finally, don’t forget to add your personal touch to make your modern farmhouse interior genuinely unique.

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