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How to Choose Wireless Door Chimes

Did you know that only 17 percent of American homeowners have a security system installed? Yet research shows that break-ins occur far more frequently in homes without this protective measure.

Wireless door chimes are an effective interim option if you don’t have the funds to install a complete security system or haven’t decided which of the many systems out there to get. They alert you to the fact that someone is outside your home and can even include other features like screens and voice options.

Read on to find out how to choose the most effective and affordable doorbell for your home.

What Sounds Are Available?

If you’re done asking, “What is a wireless door chime?” you know you’re looking for a doorbell that doesn’t need to be connected to your electrical system to make a sound. This means it can be programmed with a wide variety of chimes.

There’s no more suffering through an alarming buzz or annoying elevator muzak. Instead, you can select everything from soft bird chirps to your favorite music clip!

Is It Weatherproof?

One of the most crucial wireless door chime tips is finding out whether the doorbell you’re interested in is weatherproof.

Why? Because at least part of the chime is installed outside your home. Even if it’s nestled into your entryway, it’s still exposed to the rain, wind, hail, and snow.

Check the details of the bell carefully to make sure it’s waterproof and weather-resistant. That includes checking to see which temperature extremes it may not function correctly within.

Does It Integrate With Your Existing Security Systems?

If you already have security systems in your home, such as alarm or camera systems, you want to make sure the wireless bell you choose works with them.

Consult the wireless door chime guide provided by the various chime manufacturers to see which types of security systems the product works with. Check with your current security system provider to see if they have a wireless door chime add-on.

How Far Away Does It Work?

Since a doorbell is designed to alert you to the fact someone is at your door, you need it to be heard from anywhere in the home. That includes your garage, attic, mudroom, and possibly even your patio or yard.

There are long-range and short-range wireless door chimes. If you buy a short-range doorbell, you can also try using a doorbell range extender to ensure you can hear the bell in more parts of your house.

Does It Match Your Existing Decor?

Finally, you want to consider whether or not the design of the doorbell matches your decor or aesthetic preferences. After all, you’ll see this technology product every time you enter your home. Perhaps it goes without saying that the best wireless door chime is one you won’t mind looking at every day!

Doorbells come in a wide range of finishes, from plastic and metal to ceramic and wood. Don’t be afraid to shop around based as much on decor as on function.

Wireless Door Chimes: Do Your Research

With so many wireless door chimes on the market today, it can be hard to know which one is the most suitable option for your security needs. One of the best ways to figure this out is to create a comparison chart. Once you’ve narrowed down the products you like best via online research, compare the pros and cons of each until you find the best fit for your budget.

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