How much storage do I need on my tablet?

Before purchasing a tablet or even being driven into the market every user likes to search on different platforms such as google — how much storage do I need on my tablet?

Well, this is an important spec for any tablet that needs to be checkout. Because a tablet with low internal storage would be like — a curse for any user. As the user won’t be able to make the most out of the purchased tablet.

Honestly speaking the performance of any tablet depends upon various specs. Such as larger RAM, quality display, and fast response processor. So the user could make the most out of any tablet. Although all of these specs are important for any tablet but large internal storage should be the top priority for any user.

Now without any further due let’s start our discussion on how much storage do I need on my tablet?

Why is the amount of storage important for any tablet?

Purchasing a tablet with enough storage is very important and a user can’t afford to miss it out. Just think about the frustration and pain that a user could go through after spending all the savings in buying a tablet that doesn’t have enough storage.

The more painful thing is that the user would be stuck with that tablet forever and won’t be able to make the most out of it.

So the user must understand that the storage is used by the tablet in performing different tasks; this even includes internet surfing. The storage of a tablet is also used by the music files, documents, or images downloaded by the user.

There are different tablets available in the market although the common ones are the Android tablets. The most interesting thing about these tablets is that the Google Play Store is already installed on them. This means the user could use tons of different apps such as Marvel Unlimited and Microsoft Office belonging to different categories such as office or gaming.

Although when the storage runs out the user has to delete files or apps to free up the storage. Now you must understand that why we are so seriously discussing the storage capacity of tablets.

Therefore any user needs to keep in mind the present and future storage requirements before purchasing any tablet. This will allow the user to avoid any issues about storage in the present and future. Moreover, this will allow the user to make the most out of its tablet.

Its not always clear how much storage you’ll have available

The user could easily decide which tablet would be purchased based on its specs. There is no doubt that it’s a very handy trick for any user to determine — how much storage do I need on my tablet.

Some of the tablets claim internal storage of 16GB and the user starts to think that it has made my day. But sorry to spoil all your happiness that’s not the fact the truth is the user won’t be able to access such a large amount of internal storage.

Now I am sure you must be made after listening to this well I won’t blame you for that because it could make anyone angry. So now let’s discuss the reason behind it which could be new to you if you’re new to portable devices such as tablets.

Every tablet comes with different bloatware apps which are already installed on a tablet. At the same time, the operating system of a tablet whether it’s Android or Apple also covers some internal storage of a tablet.

Now the user can’t delete the operating system to free up space if the user did this then how would the tablet work right?

Neither the user can find any tablets that are free of bloatware apps because there aren’t such tablets. The bloatware apps found in a tablet could be high or low but it can’t be free of bloatware apps off course.

The minimum storage that could be covered by any operating system starts from 5GB. Although the operating system of a tablet could even cover more storage depending on their version.

However, on some tablets, the user could delete these bloatware apps to free up storage. But unfortunately on some tablets, it isn’t possible for instance Samsung offers bloatware apps on the recently released tablets. The worse part is that the user can’t even delete some of these bloatware apps to free up storage.

After understanding these facts it’s fair to say that the user could only access storage of 8GB out of 16GB. So a user you should know how much storage you’ll need on a tablet.

How much storage do I need on my tablet?

The answer to this question depends upon the use of the tablet. So before choosing a tablet a user must keep in mind the desired tasks that’ll be performed on the tablet. For instance, if the user needs a tablet for video recording then the requirements of internal storage would be different.

The minimum storage that can be offered by any tablet is 16GB which is enough for anyone to perform regular tasks. Such as web surfing and using social media moreover the user could even install some of its favorite apps.

There are also other tablets with a storage of 32GB suitable for the users to perform some additional tasks. Such as downloading tons of files, music, video, or installing several apps without any hassle. This amount of storage is too much for any user still the user needs to manage the storage wisely as it also won’t take long to get full.

But if the user wants to get over the worries of storage then there are tablets with 64GB storage available in the market. Still, if the user wants more out of its tablet then the user must go for the tablets with more than 64GB of internal storage.


After exploring the whole article it would be right to say that the storage capacity of a tablet depends upon the requirement of a user. Although there are different ways to determine suitable storage in a tablet that is discussed in this article. So by following the article the user could easily understand — how much storage do I need on my tablet.

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