Dating Apps With A Twist

If you open your web browser right now to search for dating apps, you will be surprised to learn that the list goes on! Modern-day inventions and technologies have taken dating to a whole new level making it easier to find and meet potential partners.

However, dating apps are getting sort of basic and monotonous. There’s no spin, twist, or change to them. It’s basically swiping, scrolling, and messaging. But we’re here to tell you that if you know what to look for, you’ll end up finding some amazing dating apps that come with a twist!

If you’re tired and bored of traditional online dating apps, here’s a piece of good news. There are other fun dating apps that come with their own spin. In this article, we’ll be listing such apps, which we are sure you will surely use more of.

1. Coffee Meets Bagel

The name of this app itself sounds different than most dating apps out there. That’s because this app comes with an amazing twist. Are you excited to find out what the twist is? Coffee Meets Bagel does all the heavy lifting for you. This means that no more swiping left and right endlessly. The app learns your interests and finds suitable matches for you based on the information you provided.

The whole idea behind this app is that once in a day, the male users will receive “bagels.” So, what are bagels? Think of bagels as matches. If girls express an interest in a particular profile, they can send bagels (matches) to them. It is like expressing an interest in that particular profile.

Sometime around noon, the app will send these bagels to all the male profiles. If the male users have already liked your bagel before even receiving it, then you get a match! Females get to choose whether or not to respond to a guy that liked their bagel. If female users don’t wish to, they can ignore the male who they matched with as well. If they do match with someone they like, females can start a private chat room.

The app also allows users to earn certain in-app bonuses like beans which can help them unlock added features.

2. Hinge

Are you tired of dating apps because you only find flakey people and people who are not willing to be serious with you? If so, give Hinge a shot. You will not regret it. The twist that comes with this app is that it is only meant for people who are looking for something serious, not casual flings.

The fun part about this particular dating app is that when you set up your profile for the first time, you get to fill in about your interests. Based on this, the system recommends people with similar interests. It also helps keep the profiles who are just looking for flings away from yours.

But hang on, there’s another twist! Yes, this app is full of fun surprises. Unlike other apps where you get unlimited freedom to scroll or like, Hinge offers only a limited number of likes. This means you, or other users, really need to think wisely before liking a profile. This really helps users find people that they are genuinely interested in and Hinge reviews show that the app works great.

3. Tastebuds

Who does not love music? Millions of people do, and these millions of people also happen to use dating apps. So, why not put music as the main criteria for a match? This is exactly what Tastebuds is. It is a dating app that helps people find matches based on the type of music they like.

If you’re someone who wishes to find a partner with the same taste in music as you, then consider using Tastebuds. This is because when it comes to this app, you will match with someone who has the same taste in music as you. Great, isn’t it? Finally, a dating app made specifically for music lovers.

The real twist with this app is that it even allows people to find platonic relationships. Yes, we’re talking about friends to attend concerts with! Moreover, you can even manually scan the music on your phone to see who else has the same music and songs as you.

4. HowAboutWe

People who use dating apps are getting tired of the same old system and format. Endless chatting only to get to the point of no success or development. This is the very reason why the dating app HowAboutWe came to being. It wanted to do away with the same pattern of online dating.

If you are in search of a dating app that will bring a refreshing change to the way you look for someone, then HowAboutWe is an app that will not disappoint you. In fact, you might find yourself on this app longer than you would normally expect. It is a very modern take on online dating.

What users do in this app is that they don’t swipe, chat, or like. Rather, the whole idea of the app is users of this app can post an ideal date idea. This can be a location, an activity, or anything interesting. This even includes casual dating experiences such as a free meetnfuck or any other no strings attached situations. Other users who see and like the idea can approach them and go on that particular date idea.

5. Grouper

If you hate the idea of meeting an absolute stranger alone on your first date, then Grouper is your answer. Why? Because to use Grouper, you cannot sign up as an individual. You need two other people, preferably friends of the same gender.

You can sign-up using existing social media accounts such as Facebook. The working of this app is relatively easy to catch. The app tries to fetch and learn the data from your Facebook profiles. It then uses this data to set you and your friends with three other people of the opposite sex.

There’s another catch. This app also determines the place and location where you should meet. It also lets the users searching for matches buy the first round of drinks for their potential matches. This saves the first date awkwardness of picking up the bill!


The world of online dating is changing. New dating apps with more refreshing twists and ways to find potential partners are coming up. Gone are the days where you endlessly swipe and chat with a person hoping for the best, only to lead to a dead end.

Newer ideas and spins on online dating are dominating the dating scene. The five dating apps we mentioned are some of the best dating apps out there that offer a newer and more fun approach to dating. You’ll surely love these apps if you’re someone who is looking to experiment with something unique and different! Check Best Working Alternatives Of Kisscartoon Website 2021

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