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Cost to Outsource Product Photo Editing?

Outsource Product Photo Editing

image must exhibit even the minutest details of the product in a flattering way. Creating an eCommerce listing comes with its own set of requirements and regulations. The seller must now spend considerable time and money prepping, photographing, editing, and uploading his product images before he can hope to sell and turn his inventory. And it has high-quality standards and low cost.

Outsourcing photo editing services to service providers such as SmartPhotoEditors could help reduce the burden of editing work and assure quality.

How much will that cost? 

There is no easy answer. Your business, your product, and your imaging needs all affect the amount you charge for product photos. This post answers four questions about product photography rates. How are product photography service providers different? How will I be billed for product photo services? What other project costs do I need to consider? Read this article to understand all about product photo pricing. This gives you the best Clipping Path to intelligently see offers from your service provider and choose the one that works best for your business.

How does product photography service provides differ? 

Two types of studios offer product photography services: local independent studios and full-service studios. 

 Local independent photo studio 

 Most cities have hundreds of independent photographers who offer a variety of services to their clients, including portraits, events, and wedding photography. These photographers can have their studio, share with other photographers, or work from home. A small percentage of these photographers may also provide product photos. 

Why an independent studio is the right choice for you? 

There should be several options in your area. Since these are usually one-person businesses, you may be able to negotiate a good price. The cost of shipping your product to their studio is low (in the city, not nationally). 

Why working with an independent studio might not be the best option for you?

Finding an independent studio photographer that specializes in product photography might be tough. Product photographers that are inexperienced might have a negative impact on image quality and production.

 They may not have the studio capacity to handle your project, for example, accepting a pallet of items delivered to their studio.

They may not have the necessary studio equipment to handle your merchandise, such as specialized photography equipment if your things are huge or heavy. 

It’s unlikely that they’ll have web-based Image Production Management software that lets you track your project’s progress and inspect image quality.

Full-service studio for product photos 

The full-service studio offers all kinds of still image and 360-degree product photography services, with the ability and equipment to handle high volume shipments, large projects, and all product types. These studios are much rarer than independent photo studios. 

Why Full-Service Studio is the right choice for you:

 You can receive a large number of products on 

 trucks. Has the ability to handle large projects. You can use software-based workflows to meet project deadlines and Clipping Path. We can provide both still images and 360-degree product images.  They provide customers with access to image production management software to monitor project progress and verify image quality.  They focus exclusively on product photography, so they can offer lower prices than independent photographers.

Why a full-service studio might not be right for you?

Product shipping costs will be higher if the studio is not in your area.

Site visits will be costly if the studio is not in your area.

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