Tips On How to Charge Scooter Battery At Home

Electric scooters have brought a revolutionary change to our daily commuting. It is eco, user-friendly, and easy to ride for people of all ages. However, many people face one problem with their electric scooters. They complain about the charging process of their electric scooter. 

Well, charging the electric scooter is easier than you might anticipate. Yes, it’s absolutely true. And if you still don’t believe it, we will suggest how to charge the scooter battery at home safely in this how-to guide. 

So, shall we start?

We have enlisted three common suggestions for charging an electric scooter safely. If you want to know more tips and tricks about charging an electric scooter, check out this article. 

How to Charge Scooter Battery At Home?

You can quickly charge an electric scooter battery at home with a few steps only. You don’t need any special skills for this charging method. The steps include:

Step 1: Plug in the charger 

Find the electrical outlet port near the electric scooter first. Once you have found the closest outlet, you should plug in the electric scooter charger in it. Don’t turn on the switch at this point. 

Some manufacturers will suggest you connect the charger with the electric scooter battery charging port at first. If you find such instructions for the scooter you use, you should follow them. Also, ensure that the charger is positioned in a non-flammable place for safety purposes. 

Step 2: Connect the charger with the charging port 

Now, look for the charging port of your electric scooter battery. Now, carefully plug in the charger with the charging port. Ensure that you have switched off your electric scooter before connecting the charger with the port. 

Further, check and ensure that the charging port and the charger are dust-free and clean. Otherwise, it may cause a short circuit and damage the battery. Also, place the electric scooter so that the charging cable doesn’t stretch too much, or it may get damaged easily. 

Step 3: Turn on the electric port 

When you are confident that you have connected the charger with the charging port of the battery and with the electrical outlet, you can turn on the switch of the outlet. Usually, an electric scooter battery will need 4 to 6 hours to charge completely. 

Most electric chargers will highlight a green light indicator when fully charged battery. Once you see the green light has turned one, it indicates that your electric scooter’s battery is charged fully. Now, you can switch off the electric port by pressing down the switch. Finally, carefully remove the charger and place the lid of the charging port of the battery. It stops dust from entering the charging port and ensures safe operation. 

Tips on charging electric scooter battery safely:

  1. Always ensure that you have switched off your electric scooter properly before connecting the charging port with the charger. Or else, it might damage the charger and battery. 
  2. You can charge the battery up to 80% and stop the charging. However, you may allow 100% battery charging if you plan to go to a distant place. 
  3. Before charging the e-scooter battery, make sure that it is at optimal temperature. If the temperature is above 113°F r below 32°, you shouldn’t charge the battery. 

Final Words 

Charging an electric scooter is pretty straightforward. You can follow our three steps mentioned here and easily charge your electric scooter battery. The key is to safely connect the charger with the charging and electric port. Also, ensure that the battery is in optimal condition before charging it to ensure safe charging operation. 

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