Common Dog Emergencies and How to Prevent Them: What to Know

Did you know that the average cost of an emergency vet visit is between $800 and $1500?

For the average pet owner, that’s a sizeable expense – and one that typically arrives unexpectedly. So, rather than waiting for a crisis to strike, you’re better off protecting your fur baby from harm in the first place.

Otherwise, you could find yourself shelling out heaps of cash and making pet emergency excuses without warning.

Want to keep your four-legged friend safe and sound? Read on to learn about the most common dog emergencies and how you can prevent them!

Common Dog Emergencies

While this list of common veterinary emergencies covers many of the most frequently reported incidents you could experience, it is far from all-inclusive. Other factors to consider include extreme weather events, contractable illnesses like heartworm, parvo, and kennel cough, and accidents resulting from fear and anxiety brought on by loud sounds like fireworks.

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Routine vaccinations, regular veterinary exams and routine inspections of your home can prevent many of these incidents and are part of responsible pet ownership.

Accidental Poisoning

This is one dog emergency that you never want to experience. It is frequently fatal, especially if you don’t know what harmful substance your pet has ingested. And, it’s costly to treat, often requiring extended hospitalization and other extreme measures.

Dogs can become sick after consuming a wide variety of plants, medicines, and human foods. And, they also fall victim to poisons left out to kill vermin like mice and rats.

Be sure to keep your home and yard free from toxins, and don’t allow your pet to wander outdoors unsupervised. It’s also best to avoid feeding your pet food that is intended for people and ask guests in your home to do the same.

Fighting and Serious Dog Bites

Some of the most serious medical emergencies in dogs result from fighting with other animals.

If your pet is attacked by a larger dog, you might be looking at severe injuries like lacerations and broken bones. But, even the smallest of scraps can leave your beloved pet in need of stitches or other emergency treatment.

To prevent fighting, keep your dog on a leash at all times in public, and invest in obedience training that includes socialization. And, to avoid conflict with wild animals, keep your dog indoors when you aren’t around, especially if you live in an area with hostile species like bears, coyotes, or large cats like pumas.

Conflict With Cars

Cars and dogs just don’t get along. And, being hit by a motorist isn’t the only risk that vehicles pose to your pet!

Dogs can easily become lost while chasing cars, or accidentally get hit by oncoming traffic. Pets riding in the back seat or bed of a pickup truck can also get into trouble, either jumping out of the vehicle or moving around inside in such a way that they cause a wreck or wind up injured – for example, getting under your car’s pedals or getting their head caught in an automatic window.

Investing in a seatbelt or safety harness can prevent some of these injuries. And, keeping your pet out of the road at all times is mandatory. Visit this shop for more ideas and potentially life-saving products.

Avoid These Veterinary Emergencies

Now that you know a bit about the most common dog emergencies, it’s time to take action.

Look around your home – what hazards do you see? Next, take a look at your lifestyle and make the small changes necessary to keep your furry friend safe.

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