CitraNatal Prenatal Vitamins: Are They Right for You?

When we’re expecting a baby to come soon, we want to make sure that everything is the best for us when the time comes. This includes our health as much as it does everything else around us. This is why more women are looking to take CitraNatal prenatal vitamins to help boost their health before and after pregnancy.

When a woman is at childbearing age, she needs to have adequate levels of folic acid in order to prevent major issues from developing in their developing baby. Having a good intake of folic acid through healthy foods and supplements can be a shield against things like spinal cord defects and other birth defects in a newborn. Taking CitraNatal prenatal vitamins before, during, and after pregnancy is how this is done.

Want to discover more information about CitraNatal prenatal vitamins? Wondering if they might be the right choice for you and your baby? Continue reading to find out more and see why more women are looking to them for a healthy pregnancy.

What Are CitraNatal Prenatal Vitamins?

CitraNatal prenatal 90 DHA is a prenatal supplement that is taken through the mouth. They give the body vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that are important for the body to stay in good health. This is key for a woman to provide their developing child the required nutrients to grow.

There are a few different forms CitraNatal supplements that can be taken. They are available as a powder, a capsule, coated tablet, and a chewable version, which can be found on These are taken orally with food or water, once or twice daily as ordered by a doctor.

It’s best to consume them on an empty stomach, either one hour before or two hours after a meal. Water is the best liquid to take the supplements with, not any other drinks. Having other liquids like dairy products, tea, or coffee could decrease their effectiveness.

Who Can Take CitraNatal Prenatal Vitamins?

These are intended for use by females who are currently pregnant or are expected to become pregnant. Children should not take them and should be prevented from taking them.

During breastfeeding, CitraNatal vitamins can pass into breastmilk, so consulting a doctor is very important before breastfeeding while taking CitraNatal prenatal vitamins.

What Are the Side Effects?

Like any other supplement or drug, there are some side effects to taking CitraNatal 90 DHA. Some people can experience reactions such as rashes, hives, or other skin effects. Other more extreme and rare cases can include trouble breathing or swallowing, as well as a swelling of the tongue or lips.

Other rare effects of taking supplements like this can include belly pain, stomach aches, black stools, or a fever. When instances like this happen, it’s important to contact a doctor and see if you need to stop taking CitraNatal 90 DHA or any other CitraNatal prenatal vitamins.

Being Healthy with Citranatal

You should now have a good understanding of why women are looking into taking CitraNatal prenatal vitamins to be healthier for pregnancy. Supplements can be helpful for dieting in preparation for pregnancy and going through a healthy birth.

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