Review of the release version of Chernobylite. Looking for STALKER in Polish shooter

The action takes place in an alternate 2016. At the site of the Chernobyl accident, a mysterious substance appeared – Chernobyl. Despite the fact that it also exists in the real world , here absolutely fantastic properties are attributed to it. The exclusion zone was occupied by the F95zone corporation, which is investigating it and doing something muddy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and also trying to prevent anyone else from entering the vicinity.

The main character Igor Khiminyuk is a scientist who goes to the vicinity of Pripyat to find his beloved Tatyana. They both worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April 1986, but the girl disappeared a few days before the famous disaster. After 30 years, she began to appear to Igor in dreams, so he dropped everything, hired several mercenaries and went with them to seek the truth.

Basically, the story develops in dialogues made in the manner of jRPG. At the same time, they are all voiced, but the actors are monstrously replaying, even worse than in Metro 2033 or the story trailer of STAL.KER 2. The strange attitude of the authors to contemporary Russian politics does not help either: from time to time surnames and organizations slip by, about which it is not customary to talk outside of political programs. That might be fine in itself, but what does it do for the script? Absolutely nothing.

Despite the fact that the plot sounds rather trite, in fact, the writers overcomplicated the story. There are a lot of elements of science fiction here – the same Chernobyl allows you to open wormholes in space and time. Himinyuk uses them to quickly return to base, but the game even has the ability to change earlier decisions, changing events in the past. Also, due to Chernobyl, monsters began to appear in the Zone, which received surprisingly little attention in the plot. However, they are not of particular interest in the gameplay either.

On the Steam page, the authors hang on Chernobylite including the horror label, but this is completely unjustified. Yes, there are several screamers here, there are useless monsters, there are various paranormal events, the main one of which is Tatiana in a red dress who appears from time to time in unexpected places. There is even a local Mr. X – Black Stalker, who hunts Himinyuk and tries to make his life difficult. But all this is completely untenable and not scary.


The main task of the player is to prepare for the final mission, a kind of “robbery” of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where, according to Igor, evil mercenaries are holding Tatyana for some reason. On the way to this, it is necessary to complete several preparatory stages: draw up a plan, assemble a team, find all the necessary equipment. To find out the truth about what happened, you are looking for various documents that shed light on some events. When a sufficient number of facts have been collected, Igor, with the help of a special helmet, “experiences” the events that have taken place in the virtual space, which often change the plot.

If the construction is similar to HuniePop 2 and with the right use of resources by the middle of the game it is completely unnecessary, then pumping is implemented more interesting. Himinyuk receives experience points for his actions, and can exchange them with his partners for various noticeable bonuses: increased damage by 25%, silent movement, increased inventory size, improved scanner, increased running speed, and so on. The pumping takes place for a reason, but at a special location, where we go with a partner and go through a training session.

With the help of a special scanner, you can search for various materials at locations and monitor radiation. He highlights all the objects nearby, and can also indicate the direction to a specific resource right on the screen. Their types are nothing at all, which leads to funny incidents – the scientist manages to create complex devices literally from broken electrical circuits, metal plates and grass. You can also prepare various ointments and sedatives. You can put up a fire, on which a weak substance can be obtained from a pair of grass and mushrooms, right in the field, but an army first-aid kit or serious drops from radiation can only be prepared on a workbench.


The game as a whole is quite chamber, but the need to return to the same locations over and over again spoils the impression. To do this, either those who really like the local Zone, or those who liked the plot will want to do this. In general, it resembles the script of a dashing B-movie : it is replete with unexpected twists and silly characters, tries to combine a bunch of different genres at once and at times crosses the line beyond which delirium begins. It is worth noting that in the previous game by the developers of Get Even, even more elements were mixed in the script (some of which moved to Chernobylite), but in general it was much stronger.

Unlike another famous Polish shooter of recent times, The Farm 51 was at least able to calm its ambitions and tie all the elements together. All the parts work, each mechanic is at least for something, but needed. The project resembles a cadaver only at first, adding up as a result into something whole. But how many people will like this strange mixture in principle?


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