Some Easy Steps To Fix The Modern Countertops Chip

Granite Countertops are of high durability and low maintenance elements of the kitchen or bathroom for home. However, if you drag heavy appliances around the kitchen countertop or bang solid objects on them. It may cause small dents and chips on the surface. A chip is basically a piece of something which got the tear or broken. Moreover, the chip in your countertop is inevitable. 

Thus, if you find any chip in your granite countertop. It can be saddening as you have invested a good amount of money in it. So, if any blemishes or chips occur don’t panic. And don’t jump quickly to replacements. As there are some super easy steps to fix the chips. Thus, making your countertop looks brand new again. So, let’s dive down to know what exactly is the solution?

List Of Content:

  1. Cleansing The Countertop
  2. Fill The Chip With Gel Epoxy 
  3. Let The Epoxy Dry
  4. Remove The excess Epoxy

Cleansing The Countertop:

So, before you go for chip repair steps first clean the countertop and chip area fully. And make sure to thoroughly dry the whole area as there won’t be any dirt or dust around it. Following are some steps to ensure a smooth process of fixing the chip.

Clean the Countertop:

Side away from the dishes, appliances, and other stuff to any other location from the chip area. So, make sure to avoid them from getting stick with gel epoxy.

Using An Appropriate Cleaner:

You can cleanse the chip area with acetone. But prefer using a cleaner with a sealer to protect the countertop for future issues. If you don’t have any sealer or acetone at home. So, simply go with mild detergents and water to get rid of sticky residues and greasy marks. Lastly, make sure to dry it well.

Darken The Chip Areas:

If the chip made the countertop color faded. So, you can simply lighten the color with any dark permanent marker. Moreover, this marker stain dries quickly and stays for a long time. However, if the stone is of a lighter shade. You don’t have to worry much about color matches. 

Fill The Chip With Gel Epoxy:

So, use cello tape around the chip area to guide it to not spread the epoxy on the counter surface. You must leave some space to blend the epoxy with the stone surface quickly. So, you can apply enough epoxy gel to fill the chip. Following are some steps to fill the chip with epoxy gel.

Match A Gel Of the Same Color:

So, prefer using a color of gel that is the same as the countertop. Thus, to obtain a tricky color you can go with mixing some primary shades. Moreover, you can use a translucent epoxy if you don’t have any additives access.

 Fill The Chip With Epoxy: 

You must put enough epoxy in the chip to the surface or slightly above it. So, the extra will be swipe off with tape. Lastly, you can apply any hardening spray product to the damaged area.

Let The Epoxy Dry:

Now, wait for the glue to get dry. So, the drying process may take some time. And it depends on the chip’s depth and humidity of the home. Thus, you can reduce the drying process by following methods;

Use a Cyanoacrylate Glue Accelerator:

This material may cost you some money. But it can pace up the epoxy hardening process to the next level. So, if you have a lighter tone countertop then make sure you’re using it with care. As it leaves a green color stain which can be tough to remove or fade.

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Remove The excess Epoxy:

So, if the epoxy is fully dried, so you can remove the tape from the surrounding area and clean it finally following these steps below;

Remove Extra Epoxy:

 If you are wanting to level the chip with the countertop surface you must remove the extra pile up of epoxy glue. Use the countertop surface to match the angle. Thus, shave the glue with a quick back-and-forth motion to match the stone surface. So, an effort of a few minutes to make your countertop all smooth and sleek.

Apply Polisher/Shiner:

 Now opting on the finishing step. So, all the above tough steps may have made the countertop so dull and dim. Thus, to make them shine and spark again. You can use a granite polisher or sealer to fix the dull countertop. And add a shine and grace to your kitchen. Moreover, prevent the chipping of the countertop in the future by sealing it well.

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In conclusion, granite countertops are considered the most durable material for kitchen and bathroom counters. However, due kitchen being the most usable place there is a risk of chip, tear, and dent. So, no need to worry now. All the dents and major chips of the countertop will be fixed easily following the above steps at home. Like using epoxy gel to fill the chip and make your counter look new again. Lastly, this is not only simple and feasible but a highly affordable way too.

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