Coin Master Free Spins and Coins

If you are here for free spins and coins for coin master game then I must say you are at the right place. We will give you the links from where you can easily collect the coins and a chance of a free spin.

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What is Coin Master?

Coin master is a mobile game which was created by Moon Active Studio. It has over 10 crores downloads. It is a very famous game in UK and Germany. Coin master game was released in 2015. This game is based on IOS and Android.

Coin master game is about winning coins to build up villages. Coin master is an adventure game. In order to win coins the user has to spin the slot machine. You get 7 spins per hour. If you want extra spin you can purchase it. Coin master has got 316 levels. Each level becomes challenging for the players.

In this game you can spin and win coins, attack another player’s village. You get 5 shields to defend the village.

Coin Master Free Coins

Ways to get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins:

1. Invite Facebook Friends

This is the best way to earn free coins. If you have so many friends you can earn the coins at very fast rate. What you need to do is invite the friends on Facebook to play the game. Ask your friend to accept the invite and download the game and open it by logging into Facebook. You will earn 40 spins for free if your friend does so. If you have got one thousand friends in Facebook out of which 10 per cent of your friends accept your invite then you will be able to get 400 free spins.

2. Gift each other

You can  send and receive maximum 100 spins every day. Once your friend has accepted your invitation and downloaded coin master game then they can gift free spins and coins every day. Even if you are gifting to your friends you are not going to lose your spins.

3. Watch Video adds

You can even with the free coin by this method. Every day who will get an option to watch an video ad. You will earn some limited coins for watching that video ad. Users do follow this for earning daily coins.

4. Wait for Some hours

Every hour you wait you will be able to earn 5 spins. Maximum you can 50 spins. So if you patience to wait for 10 hours daily you can earn up-to 50 spins daily. This is the last option you should think for.

5. Follow Coin Master in Social Media

I would recommend you to follow Coin Master in Social media. The reason behind this is that every day Moon Active (developers) provides you some links to follow. Once you follow those links you will earn free spins in coin master game. You should follow the Coin master in Facebook or twitter. This is one of the best ways to earn free spins for coin master.

6. Sign up for Email Gifts

You can earn free spins everyday if you sign up for email gifts. You will receive the link daily on your mobile and just by following them you can earn the free spins. It is a easy method to earn free spins. These links are safe, these are not spam.

Below written are some more methods with which you can earn Coin Master Free Spins and Coins. Everything in this game is about earning coins and spending it.

The three primary means of earning free spins and coins are:

  • Winning coin from the Slot machine.
  • Attacking the base of other players.
  • Raiding the base of other players.
Coin Master Free Spins

Slot Machine to Earn Coin Master Free Spins and Coins

It is most important thing which you will find in coin master game. You will spent most of your time spinning the slot machine in this coin master game. To open the slot machine you need to click on game menu and then select slot machine.

You will always find the number of available spins on the below section of slot machine in Coin master. Whenever you spin the slot machine the number of available spins will decrease one by one. If you see zero spins available on below section of slot machine then you need to wait for some time for getting free 5 spins which you get every hour when you wait. Slot machine has got 4 rotation wheels with four symbols in it bag of coin, hammer, a pig bandit, a shield, and a spin capsule. You should get four same symbols in a row to win.

Bag of coins

If you get the bag of coins symbol you will get rewarded by the coins. You receive bag of coins in entire in order to get good enough pay-out in terms of coins.

The Hammer

If you receive a row of Thor’s hammer in coin master game you will get a chance to attack the base of another player’s. The coin master in this case will pick the random player. You will get an option on your screen which building of another player’s village in coin master game you would like to attack. Once you destroy the building you will earn some coins as a reward.

The Pig Bandit

If you receive the get 4 pig bandits in a row you will get a chance to raid on other player’s village. You will be able to see the player in the screen who is your target for raid. Pig bandits seems like a pink color pig with black eye mask. In the coin master game when you perform a raid you will be taken to the other player village where you will get three shovels to dig holes in different areas in order to collect coin from the victim’s current coin balance. You pick the areas of digging holes according to your choice. Not every hole contains the significant coins.


If you get 3 shields at the same time in coin master game then your base is protected against enemy’s attack. If some enemy attacks your building and you have shield available then your building star rating will not be affected. Shield does not protect you against raid. This a very useful to save your village from enemy’s attack.

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Important components of coin master game:

1. Village Building

It is the main activity which you need to perform in order to upgrade your level. In every level you have to you to construct 5 buildings with 5 star rating so that you can move to next village. You can upgrade the building with the help of using coins in coin master game. You will be able to find 314 unique villages in this game.

2. Revenge

If some other player has attacked your village, you will also find the option of taking revenge for the same and strike back. When you receive 4 hammer’s in a row while spinning the slot machine you will be able to see the option of revenge over top screen. When you select the revenge option in coin master game you will find the list of player’s attacked your village. You can select any one of them for taking revenge.

3. Cards

With the help of cards you can earn bonus, free spins, pets etc. You can avail cards through chests. These are themed cards which you need to collect from the chests. In order to get to get rewarded you need to collect 9 cards. One of the best cards of them is a joker card. Joker card has an ability to transform any card.

4. Pets

You will find pets in the Coin master game. The pets will accompany you whenever you are going for any raids or attack in Coin master game. Pets will also provide you their bonus for four hours when you select any of them. There are three pets in this game:

coin master pets

Tiger – It helps you to boost the coin amount whenever you attack another player.

Rhino – It helps you to protect from enemy attacks in Coin master game. It is as good as shield you get with the help of slot machine. In Coin master.

Foxy – It gives you an extra shovel at the time of raids in Coin master game.

This is one of the best game. Download this coin master game today, if you haven’t till now. I bet you will always enjoy this game. While plying coin master game, you will never feel bored. You can download this coin master game on both IOS and Android platform. The Coin master game is one of the top 20 games. Come to our site we will soon share the links from which you can earn coin master free spins every day. Earn the coins by free spins and build your 5 star buildings in the village. Don’t forget to follow coin master game in the social media platform like facebook and twitter for you will be able to earn Coin master free spins there very easily on daily basis.


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