Can I Get Cash for My Junk Car?

Do you have a car that’s just an absolute scrapper? You know the type—you can’t get the motor running, or can barely get it up the block. It’s a rusted-up old car that you’ve ridden until the very end. However, rather than let your driveway or garage turn into a junkyard with the old heap there, you can actually turn that junk car into cash with just a few easy steps. Let’s take a look at the process to go from junk vehicle owner to cash collector.

1. Answer a few questions.

If you’re ready to turn in your clunker into some folding money, you may want to look into some local “cash for junk cars” options in your area. You may call a salvage yard to understand your options for trade-ins or explore online for a free quote. It’s a great way to get some quick cash for a scrap car that does nothing but take up space on your own property. The quote process starts by answering simple questions, including the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

From there, you’ll be asked the title that you hold on the vehicle if it’s clean or not. You’ll also have to reveal the condition of the junk car. In some cases, the car may not be able to start, or it does start but it just won’t drive. This allows that old junk car to be scrapped for some parts rather than heading to the rust yard altogether. After listing your mileage, you’ll be asked to offer a physical assessment of the car. However, your vehicle identification number, or VIN, will be what gets you the best cash offer.

2. You’ll get an instant free quote.


Even if you don’t have a VIN, a top junk car buyer will deliver you an offer on your clunker. However, it will skew the number, jeopardizing your best offer. Providing as much information as possible is a great way to put yourself in a position to make as much money as possible. The year of your model may also have a significant impact on the amount of cash you receive, but the condition of your car can also affect just how much you’ll receive.

A top-rated car buyer will take on your junk car, whether it’s gently used, damaged, totaled, wrecked, or flooded. It doesn’t matter. These junkyards are ready for your vehicle to join the party. The average value of these vehicles usually depends on the condition and the amount of information that you as a seller are willing to provide. The quote you receive could be a surprise, as some people have been able to get into the four figures for their vehicle.

3. Schedule free towing and immediate payment.


The good news about selling your junk car or junk truck is that you don’t have to worry about turnaround time. You’ll get the money almost instantly. Plus, getting that clunker junker isn’t your responsibility. Some of the top junk car services will actually set up next-day pickups to tow away your old car, giving you peace of mind and reclaiming that spot on your property that was occupied by a rust heap.

Once you’ve accepted your instant quote, the process begins to make that headache go away and add some more cash to your wallet. This guaranteed offer will remain in place once you agree to it. You won’t have any sneaky charges try to cut out from under your quick profit. This three-step process comes with one goal in mind for this service: buy junk cars. You’ll be able to get rid of your old car and turn a profit in no time.


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