Best OST converter for resolving OST file issues: EdbMails Review


Many organizations use Microsoft Outlook, and the data held in them is vital for everyday business communications. We evaluate a program that can help you resolve OST file issues quickly and easily. If you use Exchange or Outlook, you’ve probably come across or seen an OST file. This is an Outlook data file that is saved locally on your PC and constantly syncs with the Exchange server while connected to the internet. When the OST file becomes disconnected, inaccessible, or orphaned as a result of a problem with the online account or Exchange server, you must use a dedicated tool to open the OST file and convert it to another file format.

EdbMails OST to PST Converter software converts OST files to PST format. In addition to emails, the utility also extracts calendars, contacts and journals from OST files and exports them to PST. During the recovery or conversion, nothing in the file is updated or changed, not even the mail formatting. This tool therefore maintains 100% data consistency and integrity.

When an Exchange server removes a user profile or mailbox, the program can restore the data from an OST file. It can also restore deleted mailbox items and relocate Outlook OST files to another PC. Read on for a comprehensive review of the software.

Advantages of EdbMails OST to PST converter

This utility can quickly recover, retrieve, and repair damaged OST files, as well as convert them to PST format. The application can also save the recovered files in EML, MHT, and HTML formats. EdbMails not only restores and repairs damaged OST files, but also recovers mistakenly deleted Exchange mailboxes.

The OST to PST conversion process is simple and very fast. EdbMails OST Converter software can automatically detect damaged or corrupted files and their attachments. You can convert complete mails, including all associated items and attachments.

EdbMails OST to PST software highlights

Prior to going on to the software’s use case scenarios, we briefly review some of the software’s most important features below.

  1. EdbMails is multifunctional in that it can export emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and other data from OST files. This is useful if you only want to export your calendars or tasks.
  2. In times of MS Outlook corruption, users may not have access to it. In such instances, exporting the content to other formats becomes urgent. This software converts OST files to EML, MHT, and HTML. These files can be opened in any web browser on your computer without needing MS Outlook.
  3. Compatibility is a third crucial factor. It creates a PST file that may be opened in any version of Microsoft Outlook. It can also recover and convert OST files from IMAP and Exchange synced account profiles.
  4. Sometimes, the Exchange server deletes mail items that cannot be recovered manually. Deleted things can be recovered and exported from EdbMails which can be found under the Recoverable Items.
  5. In addition to the numerous features, we noticed one particular feature which is direct migration to Office 365 accounts from an OST file. This is a need for many firms migrating to a new Exchange server or who want to set up an Office 365 account.

What does the software do?

After going over the functionality, we’d want to go over some situations for using this software. 

  1. Recovery & conversion in case of accidental shutdown

You may have accidentally turned off your PC or closed Outlook while the OST file was being synchronized with the online profile. Corrupted Outlook files cause Outlook errors the next time your PC boots. EdbMails can assist you resolve such issues by converting corrupted OST files to PST. After the conversion, simply create a new profile in Outlook and re-import the data.

  1. Converting Orphaned OST files

If the OST file is not correctly synchronized with the Exchange server, it becomes orphaned. The software can recover and convert orphaned files so you can get your data back.

  1. Converting virus or malware infected files

Another situation is when a virus infects your computer and corrupts the OST file. Errors may occur when launching MS Outlook. EdbMails can convert all these files to PST.

Convert OST files with EdbMails.

This section explains how to convert an OST file to a PST file.

The first step is to download and install the tool, which takes only a few seconds. It is easy to download and install without any complexities or cumbersome procedures.

The second step brings you to a new screen where you can either log in or use the free trial. We’d like to bring out another intriguing point. If you use a license plan, you don’t need a license key because the license is linked to your email address. For the free trial, you can directly login without providing any user credentials. 

This screen has several recovery and migration operations. Of course, the free trial version lets you try out all of these features. However, the licensed version goes a step further and gives you complete access to the tool and software installation on multiple PC’s and locations. Select the OST to PST conversion option.

The tool then asks you to browse the OST file. Take a backup before using the original file before using it. The software then reads the contents and displays them in a tree structure. You can view the contents hierarchically here in the form of a tree.

To export the contents to Outlook PST, select the Export to PST option Make sure you output the PST file to the correct location and have enough storage space.

Before exporting, you can use the PST split function. This is handy for splitting huge files into smaller chunks. If you need to re-merge them, EdbMails free tools suite includes a PST merge program.

The utility starts the conversion and finishes it with a pop-up message. Click the View Log button at the bottom to see the log file.

Pricing for EdbMails OST To PST Converter

There are three pricing flavors available to suit different requirements: Personal, Corporate Premium, and Technical licenses. The Personal edition is a basic license that allows OST to PST conversion on a limited number of computers. If you need to utilize the software on multiple computers for your company, the Corporate Premium Edition is suitable for you. Unlimited installations and users are allowed with the Technical license, making it suitable for Data Recovery and Computer Repair businesses. While competing and other software tools on the market only offer one license plan, EdbMails’ pricing is adjusted to different users and needs making it very flexible. There is also a bundle edition which performs EDB+OST+PST recovery and conversion. 

Personal OST License Edition $39
Corporate Premium Edition$89
Technical Edition$129

Final Words

To summarize, most Outlook users must convert OST to PST in order to move files from one location to another. Converting OST files is also essential in the event of an Exchange server failure. Before purchasing software, it is important to consider how experts, IT administrators, and other users rank the software. Businesses may have diverse needs, making it challenging to find a single solution that fits them all. EdbMails is the best OST to PST converter software that converts orphaned, corrupted, or inaccessible OST files to PST. We used it in a variety of circumstances and found it to be quite versatile in terms of OST file recovery and conversion. The pricing is also tailored to different user requirements, making it the most cost-effective tool. This OST conversion program has been tried and approved by several Microsoft MVPs, so the user can be confident that the data will be converted correctly.

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