How can Language Schools market their business online in 2022?

Many language schools went online after the pandemic. This was a great opportunity for those small companies that were nimble and flexible. They have made a major shift from physical to virtual and this shift was smooth. Sales went up, business bloomed.

The situation for traditional and big language schools was quite the opposite. Many language businesses were destroyed during the pandemic. The Classroom-Teacher-Desks model went to hell.

2022 is a year of survivors, adaptars, innovators of new ways to deliver language solutions to customers. We spoke to marketing experts that have helped many language schools weather the pandemic storm and succeed in creating profitable online businesses.

Let’s hear from Aleph Website, a Web Marketing agency in New York:

What is the most cost-effective marketing activity that language schools should tend to:

The best marketing strategy for language school success is focusing on Content marketing and SEO. While being the most cost-effective strategy, it is also the most profit-effective strategy.

We have seen that organic traffic to language websites converts 5x higher than traffic from Paid Media and social media.

SEO is all about optimizing your content to drive traffic that is relevant to your business. For it, you need to know what the target audience you are after. That’s all. As simple as that, you can hear your website and all its content to get to your ideal customer!

Content Marketing is about building organic traffic channels that drive the traffic to your upper funnel. In other words, creating solutions for your ideal customer to get interested and become a lead. This is not as hard as it sounds. There are many ways you can deliver content solutions. Here are a few:

  • Blog Posts that are meaningful and valuable to your customers
  • Downloadables with information that your customers want to have available
  • Webinars with Free classes

There are many examples of how marketing strategy has made a language school business model a success! We are not promoting a single way to do this. However, we do advise language school owners to dig deeper into SEO and Content Marketing – before their competition takes over the organic traffic, and the whole market, thereof.

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What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is the journey of your customers. It goes from the moment that a person learns about your company until the moment when he/she purchases your product and invites others to experience your product. It is shaped like a bottleneck because people are likely to “drop out” at every stage in the funnel.

1. Public Awareness: People know about your company.

This stage is focused on (guess what?) branding awareness. How many people have heard of your school? Which students heard of your language classes? If you are asking this question, the answer must remain ” as many as possible“.

2. Acquisition: Collect customer information.

This is the time to get, for instance, prospective students’ email addresses after interacting with the website, such as signing up for our newsletter or taking the language test you might provide.

3. Active: The first real online interaction with your website.

At this point, it is time to do other than just leave their email. For instance, they can book an initial free lesson that you can offer, or even use coupons for an English course.

4. Revenue: Receive your money.

If a student decides to purchase one of your products such as an online live lesson, materials for language, or preparation classes for the official exam – you’re into the “revenue” section in the funnel.

5. Retention: Retain your current student.

It’s the time to be enthusiastic No one wants their students to leave school once they have made their first purchase. Instead, you want your student to learn alongside you, which means purchasing many more courses or packages.

6. Referral: Customers transform into brand ambassadors.

In the meantime, your current customers can invite their friends or colleagues to attend your classes at school, and advertise the free services you offer. Nothing is more effective than a word-of-mouth recommendation.

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