Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Offers Options for Immigration Status

Alexandra Lozano is one of the leading immigration law specialists in the United States. While Abogada Alexandra is based in WA, she serves clients throughout all 50 states.

Whether working inside or outside the country, the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law firm can help those looking to obtain legal status or lawful permanent residency status in the United States.

Green Card

One of the most common ways to obtain legal residency status in the US is to obtain a green card. The process can be long and convoluted. However, people can often not obtain the residency status they legally qualify for if they did not submit the green card application correctly.

Abogada Alexandra carefully guides her clients through the Green Card application process, helping to ensure the highest chance of success when applying. The Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law team works tirelessly putting together applications for the Green Card. The client will never have to fill out a form himself or herself- Alexandra Lozano and her team take care of it all. The application will then be submitted within two weeks when everything is double-checked to ensure that it is in order.

T Visa

A T Visa is a particular type of visa reserved for those who have been victims of human trafficking or exploitation in the workplace and domestic violence situations where they are forced to work.

It is available to non-residents currently in the United States. Alexandra Lozano helps guide her clients through this, even in cases where there is no police report. 

A T Visa is the first step toward obtaining a Green Card for many people. The T Visa allows the applicant to receive a work permit and social security number. 

U Visa

A U Visa is reserved for non-residents who have been victims of a crime and who have helped in the investigation of those crimes. It was created to give immigrants opportunities to speak up when victims of certain serious crimes.

It can be tough to obtain a U visa, and many victims are not advised by the police that they could be eligible. Difficulties with this are where the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law team can help.

Abogada Alexandra will be able to analyze the facts of the case and compare them against the letter of the law. If she believes that an applicant may successfully obtain a U Visa, she will put together an application.

Those who obtain one will be on the path towards a Green Card providing legal residency and a social security number. 

Post-Deportation Assistance

The government may tell you those deported from the US may not necessarily be allowed back into the country. It isn’t always the case.

Those deported from the US cannot live in the country legally in some situations. Abogada Alexandra and her team will be able to look at the facts of each case, establishing whether a deported person has any route back into the United States or a way to gain legal status if they have already been deported.

Assistance In The Case of Deportation

Many of those faced with deportation in the United States do not fully understand their rights. Alexandra Lozano has helped many of those facing deportations in the United States. She has analyzed each client’s case to establish whether there is a genuine reason for the deportation or whether the problem can be dealt with and help those facing deportation become legal residents.

There are multiple paths toward legal residency in the United States, and many non-citizens who have lived and worked in the country may find that there is a path they can take, even if they have been told that they must leave the United States.

In some cases, Abogada Alexandra will halt the deportation process while she and her team are working on solutions to help the clients gain legal status.

Services Provided in English and Spanish

Alexandra Lozano provides her services in both English and Spanish. Being bilingual helps ensure that anybody facing deportation has a proper understanding of their residency rights while in the United States.

Services Offered Over The Telephone and Email

While she is based in WA, there is no need to visit the offices of Abogada Alexandra. Almost everything can be dealt with remotely via telephone, email, zoom, etc.

In fact, due to the experience that Abogada Alexandra and her team can bring to the table, the applicant will not have to fill out any form themselves. Her goal is to make it easy for her clients to work with a lawyer. 


Those looking to obtain immigration status in the US are advised to contact Alexandra Lozano and her legal team. Even if you feel you have no legal immigration options available, there may still be a path towards obtaining legal residency in the United States through a green card, T Visa, or a U Visa.

Rest assured, if you have an immigration case that needs tackling, the Alexandra Lozan0 Immigration Law team will work tirelessly on your case to ensure the most excellent chance of success.

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