Agile vs Scrum: What’s the Difference?

Running your own business can be an exciting and fulfilling way to make a living. Time after time, small business owners are found to be some of the most satisfied workers anywhere in the country. 

However, running your business properly will be a challenge, which is why many would-be business owners do their research on proper management methods. When it comes to project management research, you might see the terms agile and scrum used interchangeably.

Are they actually the same? What are the differences between agile vs scrum? How might they impact the way your company does business? Read on and we’ll help you make this potentially important distinction. 

Understanding Agile vs Scrum

Agile and scrum are both terms often used when discussing project management. The main difference you’ll need to be aware of? 

Agile is a style of project management, while scrum is actually one of the potential methods used to implement this style of management. Scrum is one of the more popular methods, and this is why people often conflate the two terms together. 

In this sense, agile and scrum are not two separate things at all. They are actually two concepts that can work together, hand in hand. 

What Is Agile Project Management? 

Agile, as we mentioned, is a style of project management. The philosophy of agile management has everything to do with approaching project management in small parts. Instead of having a huge launch for a massive project, this method of management prioritizes dulling out information in small chunks. 

This can help a team manage concerns needed at the present moment. They are more able to switch priorities and respond to problems that arise because they are managing a much smaller whole.

Overwhelming a team with the entire scope of a massive business operation might overwhelm them more than it can help them. The agile business approach helps to avoid this kind of issue. 

What Is Scrum? 

Scrum is a way of implementing the agile method in the workplace. Specifically, it is focused on the task of product design. 

Scrum operates under the umbrella of ‘sprint’ work. Employers that employ the scrum method break down their product delivery cycles into short bursts that last anywhere from one to four weeks. 

Within these sprints, small teams, including a team leader, work to deliver part of a product need by the end of this small window. The product is developed piecemeal over these small chunks, as opposed to being delivered all at once at the end of the project. 

You’ll need to consider your own end goals to decide if this method, or something more like the SAFe 5 method, will be best for your business.

Mastering Agile Project Management

If you’re looking to better your business practices, you’ll need to get a solid sense of project management down. There are a lot of different ways to go about this goal and you’ll need to educate yourself. Knowing the difference between agile vs scrum can be a big help. 

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