A Guide to Adding Page Numbers to PDF File Using GogoPDF

Adding a Page numbers to pdf file is very easy. Well, not until you save it as a PDF File. It is such a hassle to edit the file where you can’t do anything but rewrite the entire text to add the numbers. We all know that PDF Files are files you cannot undo. Once you save it in a specific format, it is already final.

Luckily, it is not a big deal anymore because there is a profound solution available. Online tools are aiming to resolve the problem without consuming too much time and money. It still serves the same quality you have made as well, with no worry. Giving out of this benefit, you can say that this is an excellent tool for this kind of problem. Thus, to know more about this platform, let’s dig deeper into what else it could offer.

adding Page Numbers to PDF Files

Simple Steps to Use the Online Tool

There are four easy steps that you need to remember once you try to use an online tool to add page numbers to PDF. These simple steps come truly manageable and will not bring you any doubt at all. Above all, the problems you encounter in your PDF File are the key to making it perfect as it should be. Just follow the process below and have your PDF file’s page number added.

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The first thing you need to do is to visit the website of the online tool you want to use like the GogoPDF. Once you are on the website, you just simply drag your chosen PDF file or click the “Select a File” button to give you access to search for the file. After dragging the file into the toolbox, follow the next step.

Choose The Page

The second step comes by choosing the page on the file you wish to add the number. You can now set the page numbers and save the file after you finished editing. You just need to follow these “upload-choose-edit-save” patterns to make it perfect.

Sharing the File

Not just will it help you put the page numbers, it also helps you share the file with ease. You just need to choose how you wish to share the file, be it on email, social media accounts, or by just sharing the link on your file made by the platform. 


Basically, like any other platform, you can download and save the file you have edited. Once downloaded, you could again share the file on all media. You can assure that the file’s quality is never disrupted as what you have downloaded will indeed reflect once shared. 

Key Features of GogoPDF

GogoPDF has a lot of features to offer. It also serves as an excellent tool for this problem. It also features some capability that is more than how it should be. Giving you over one characteristic truly serves its purpose to provide us with more than what we deserve. 

To know more about what more it could offer, here are the key features that you should know to better use the platform well. 

Add Page Numbers to PDF

Using this option is straightforward. It is hassle-free and easy to use. You can achieve the best results if you follow the steps. Likewise, this can be done in a couple of seconds and is free of any charge.

Tool Compatibility

The platform is compatible with top browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer. You can use it under various operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It could also keep its data synced from the device with no hassle. Truly a tool that could be of a match to the best platforms out there.

Easy To Use

Editing the PDF File has never been easy, not until this platform came to save the day. With just straightforward steps, you can add page numbers to your file with no problem. Just follow the “upload-choose-edit-save” pattern and have it finished in no time.

Sharing the File

There are two ways on how you could share the file you have edited. The first one comes by sharing the file thru an email or any social media tools that allow you to share the file. Second, you can simply copy the link provided by the platform and paste the link to any possible message servers to send it to whom you wished it to be sent.

Privacy of Personal Informations

Protecting your file is their topmost priority, in line with the primary purpose of allowing you to add a page number. GOGOPDF keeps anything about you in private, ensuring that it will not be hacked or leaked to any unauthorized personas or platforms.

The process includes protecting the works by deleting the file on the server after it reached at least one hour. Committed to their purpose, you will be at ease within this platform.

Web-based Tool

Because it is a web-based platform, this all works within the tools server. Once done, it directly saved everything on the cloud. Here, you can assure that the file is safe and of high quality. Downloading any software will not be necessary anymore as this is already on the cloud.


It never comes easy to edit your PDF File without compromising your time, effort, and output quality. Thus, as this platform has landed in the market, you can see how this problem changed to advantage. Many have already benefited from this tool and were truly satisfied with its service.

GogoPDF is a platform that all can use. Making it as a partner is truly the best thing that could ever happen. It is a brilliant partner, especially if you are in this kind of situation -adding page numbers to PDF files. 

Discover how it truly works by trying it out. Just simply visit the website of GogoPDF and take advantage of the features and benefits of using the online tool to secure the quality of your digital documents.


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