A Recumbent Elliptical is an Attractive Option That Minimizes Impact

The recumbent or seated elliptical is the most recent addition to the rehabilitation exercise equipment market. It combines the comfort and stability of a recumbent cycle with the natural low-impact action and cardio benefits of an elliptical. The size and shape of the pedaling motion are the key differences between a reclined elliptical cross trainer and a recumbent exercise bike. Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainers have a lower range of motion and a lengthier elliptical pedaling action than recumbent exercise bikes. In a comfortable seated posture, the best recumbent elliptical cross trainers allow you to get a comprehensive body exercise. 

While many people find lengthy lengths of time on recumbent exercise bikes uncomfortable, the ergonomic design of Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainers allows for a more natural stepping action, allowing you to work out for longer.

Recumbent ellipticals have become increasingly popular in recent years, and you may have seen one at your local gym. These revolutionary cardio trainers combine a standard elliptical with a recumbent exercise bike, making them suitable for people who want to sit to reduce the impact on the lower body or simply because it is a more comfortable position. Whatever the case may be, you now have more options than ever.

Recumbent Ellipticals are intended for?

Although everyone can use and benefit from one of these cardio machines, they are designed for people who want to sit while exercising to relieve stress or simply to be more comfortable.

You can devote more time to your training if you don’t have to sustain your entire body weight. People often find that sitting rather than standing for the duration of their workouts makes them more productive.

Recumbent Ellipticals for Beginners

Combination machines, which can be used as either a recumbent bike or a stand-up elliptical, are available at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. So, you’re not performing two motions at the same time; instead, you can perform each one independently. This style of recumbent exercise cycle is discussed here, along with information on outdoor ellipticals if that’s something you’re interested in.

There’s also the BodyPower 3 in 1 trainer, which can be used as an elliptical, a recumbent, or an upright bike, albeit the latter requires you to lean forward, so it’s not a true upright cycling experience. That one receives good reviews, but we think you’d be better off with one of the Hybrid Trainers.

Ellipticals with a Higher Price Tag

If you’re looking for a true recumbent elliptical, you’re seeking a cardio machine that works in the same way as a stand-up elliptical but allows you to sit down. The capacity to operate both upper arms at the same time, as opposed to one or the other on entry-level machines, is the key difference. So, you’re doing exactly what you’d do on an elliptical machine… The only difference is that you are sitting rather than standing.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer, a relatively economical machine that combines a recumbent and an elliptical in one machine, is one of the best instances of this.

The Octane Recumbents, which include the Octane Fitness XR4, XR6, XR650, and XR6000, are some of the best examples of this type of cardio trainer. These are top-of-the-line, rock-solid seated ellipticals similar to those seen at your local gym.

Octane stands apart from other firms since they only make ellipticals…

They don’t produce treadmills, bikes, or rowing equipment like Life Fitness, Matrix, or Precor. They create some of the greatest recumbent ellipticals on the market today because of that laser concentration.

All Octane Recumbents have PowerStroke technology, converging and stationary handlebars, at least 15 seat height and tilt options, transport wheels, heart rate monitoring, and at least 6 built-in exercises with special training boosters for muscle targeting.

So, if you’re looking for a recumbent elliptical trainer, Octane should be your first stop. If you’re looking for a different choice, the HCI Fitness PhysioStep is a good high-end option.

Seated Ellipticals

The recumbent elliptical is an excellent choice for people who like to exercise in a more comfortable, seated position. All of the advantages of an elliptical workout remain minimal impact, complete body muscle targeting, calorie burn, cardio strengthening, and so on. You’re simply sitting rather than standing.

So, if this is something that interests you, go ahead and do it. Before you buy, try one out at your local gym to see how it feels. Otherwise, simply read the many customer reviews to discover if this is something you’ll enjoy using… We believe you will because sitting is always more enjoyable than standing!

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