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4 Practical Tips for Commercial Garage Door Safety

Commercial garage doors add so much convenience to large spaces like warehouses or workshops but they can also cause a whole host of injuries if you’re not careful. These injuries can range from small cuts to full amputation of limbs.

Luckily, most accidents can be prevented with a little bit of effort and planning ahead of time. Taking the right step to ensure commercial garage door safety for everyone who enters your property is worth all of the efforts you may have to put in. And even better for you, we’ve got all the answers!

Read on for our top four garage door safety requirements that make a huge difference for your space. Find the perfect Garage Doors Essex for your property. Explore our wide selection of styles, materials, and designs to suit your needs and budget.

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1. Keep Remote in Secure Location

One of the most convenient things about garage doors is when they are automatic and you don’t have to manually open or close them. This requires a remote to be able to turn on the motor and move the door.

When the remote is left out and anyone has access to it, you run the risk of the door being opened or closed when you or those in the warehouse are not ready. Giving only limited access to the remote allows you greater control of the movement to avoid incidents.

2. Install Safety Sensors

Every automatic door should be fitted with a garage door safety sensor. This will detect any movement underneath the door while it’s closing and stop the door immediately. That sensor is the best way to prevent the door from falling on top of anyone or anything.

3. Handle Repairs Quickly

Garage doors that aren’t functioning properly are very dangerous and no amount of safety features can keep them from causing injuries completely.

Calling in Garage Door Repair Specialists as soon as you notice any irregularities is the best way to make sure you don’t run into problems. They can come and assess the situation then make any repairs necessary. You’ll feel confident that everything is working the way it’s supposed to.

4. Create Safety Protocols

As with any type of machinery, it’s important to make sure anyone that comes in contact with it knows the correct way to use it and work around it. Creating set safety protocols that are shared with everyone keeps the team on the same page and avoids simple mistakes that cause big injuries.

Part of that protocol should be regular inspections and safety checks as well.

Practical Tips for Commercial Garage Door Safety

The worst thing that can happen in a commercial space is an accident that results in injury. Not only will that be a dangerous (and sometimes deadly) situation for the person involved but it also slows down work and makes it difficult to complete the jobs necessary.

This is why it’s so important to set the warehouse up with all the commercial garage door safety protocols from the beginning. When you have a culture of safety, you’ll be able to avoid many of these injuries.

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