8 Smart Ideas for Employee Engagement

Around 69% of employees say they would work harder if their bosses appreciated their efforts more, which highlights the importance of engaging employees.

Figuring out how to boost your employees’ engagement is key for being productive and driving sales, the lifeblood of your business. But keeping your team engaged and motivated for long periods can feel impossible. Perhaps you’re currently struggling to create a strategy and you’re looking for inspiration.

Sounds like you? Luckily, you’ve stumbled across the right post. Here are eight great ideas for employee engagement.

1. Celebrate Your Team

Business owners who are looking for employee engagement ideas that work should never underestimate the power of celebrating the little wins. But aside from acknowledging goals, you should compliment your employees and teams outside of work too.

For instance, if it’s an employee’s birthday, bring cupcakes to commemorate the day. You could also hand out a “team player of the month” trophy and rotate it so everyone feels appreciated.

Further, focus on output instead of input like measurable outcomes. This shows employees that they needn’t work extra hours if they can produce the same killer results. As a result, team members will feel satisfied and engaged in their roles.

2. Provide Flexibility

Thanks to the rise of remote working, many employees are seeking flexible conditions. This means letting your team work remotely once a week so they can clock in at home or their local cafe. Not only does this show you trust your team but the independence will drive productivity and make your employees feel satisfied.

If you’re unsure what flexibility looks like, ask individuals to leave suggestions as it can vary between people, especially if there are parents in your team. Or, you can ease into it by offering a 20% program where employees can spend 20% of their time at work doing whatever they please.

But before implementing anything, it’s wise to seek guidance from this company so you have adequate software to streamline the process.

3. Always Encourage Employee Feedback

If you’re stumped for employee engagement ideas, consider asking for their feedback. You could leave a box where the team can anonymously leave their queries or send out monthly surveys.

You should also ask employees for advice during work like how to improve your presentation or slash overhead costs. The simple act of reaching out shows your appreciation for employees, which will leave them feeling satisfied and involved in your company.

Also, if you don’t have a good onboarding process, change that. You want new hires to feel engaged the moment they step through that door so let them know what to expect from their role. It also lets them engage with you and ask anything that’s niggling them.

If employees aren’t confident, they’re less likely to stay and want to grow your company.

4. Provide Career Development Opportunities

Around 74% of employees feel they’re not reaching their full potential at work because there aren’t any development opportunities, which means they’re less likely to be engaged in their role.

The beauty is you needn’t spend a fortune or hours training your employees. Instead, encourage your team to attend conferences and provide online training courses so they can hone their skills.

Further, team leaders should help their employees network and bring fresh ideas into the workplace. You could bring team members from different departments or send specific team members to an industry-related conference to get the latest insights. This shows that you trust your team and want them to thrive, even if it means meeting future potential bosses.

5. Offer a Wellness Day

One of the best employee engagement ideas is offering a wellness day. This is paid time off for team members who need a break, whether it’s dealing with their mental health or caring for their kids because their babysitter dropped out.

You should also encourage wellness in the workplace as it shows you value a healthy work-life balance. For instance, provide your team with nutrient-dense snacks or give them a discount at your local gym to encourage healthy habits.

6. Encourage Random Acts of Fun (RAF)

Anyone looking for fun employee engagement ideas should encourage Random Acts of Fun (RAF) as it creates an exciting workplace. Find out which team members are the most playful and ask them to sprinkle the day with RAF to build relationships with other employees. This could be holding a fancy dress potluck lunch or breaking into songs randomly throughout the day.

7. Have Fun Outside of the Office

Still brainstorming ideas to increase employee engagement? Then, do exciting activities outside of the office.

Managers could dedicate a day to team-building exercises like treating everyone to paintball or throwing company holiday parties. Note, that socializing outside of the office will strengthen working relationships and increase job satisfaction.

8. Encourage Volunteering

Another useful way of improving employee engagement is volunteering together. Find several charities that everyone supports and give your team several days every month to volunteer for a cause that aligns with your company’s vision. You could also encourage your team to fundraise and host charity events as it will empower employees while boosting your company’s reputation.

Our Favorite Ideas for Employee Engagement

Hopefully, you’ll use these ideas for employee engagement as inspiration for your workplace.

There are endless ways to do this such as constantly celebrating your team and offering everyone flexibility. You can also satisfy your team by inviting everyone to volunteer and arrange activities outside of the office where employees can bond. Good luck with your venture!

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