8 Great Benefits of IT Department Outsourcing

How important is the security of your company to your business?

88% of board members say cybersecurity is a business risk – with improper security measures, your entire business is at stake. And keeping your business’s information secure is more about cybersecurity. It also includes services like storing information on the cloud, backup recovery, and consulting.

IT department outsourcing will provide you will all of the tools to keep your company safe with all of the monetary and efficiency benefits that outsourcing IT will offer your company.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn about the 9 great benefits of IT department outsourcing.

Today’s IT Departments

As technology becomes more advanced, so do modern IT departments. In order to keep on top of their complex functions, IT departments today need computers, servers, database management systems, and cryptography. A department will have system administrators, an IT manager, and database admins.

Why Outsource IT if Your Employees Have It Covered?

If you already have an IT department within your business, your employees may be handling everything well. However, your biggest concern shouldn’t be about how things are working now – it should be about how things will look in the future.

How much time are your employees spending on technology issues rather than focusing on their main priorities? Do you find that issues take far too long to resolve? And is all of your technology up to date?

Maintaining an IT department may be manageable for your business now, but it likely won’t be in the future. As technology advances from year to year, it will require a lot of effort and money to keep your IT team operating smoothly.

The main reason to outsource your IT is cost. You’ll save money when solving problems, hire fewer employees, and have a more streamlined business.

But cost aside, there are numerous more benefits of outsourcing your IT. We’ve rounded up the top 9.

Seven Benefits of IT Department Outsourcing

In addition to cost, outsourcing your IT will give you increased peace of mind, efficiency, and value for your time. You’ll also be able to move your business forward by outsourcing these services.

1. Mitigate Problems & Increase Security

Regardless of how smooth your business runs, IT problems are inevitable. Computers stop working, hard drives fail, and important data can get lost or hacked. When you have an in-house IT department, there’s no guarantee that these problems will be discovered right away.

Your department will be made up of a team that likely works the same 9-5 as you. And you’ll only have a few members on your team.

But with IT outsourcing, you’ll have a large team monitoring your IT at all times. Problems will be discovered and solved – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By finding problems early, IT providers can eliminate them quickly before they cause long-term damage. Unless you’re a very large company, you likely don’t have the resources to manage your IT at all times. So an IT provider is the way to go.

2. Save on Time

Hiring an IT specialist can cost $80,000 a year for just one member of your team. But you also need to take into account all of the time it will take to train that person and get them accustomed to their new surroundings.

They’ll have to learn all about how to function within your company and find their place among co-workers while balancing their job responsibilities. If they’re new to the field, they’ll also be learning IT practices as they go.

By hiring outside IT providers, you’ll save significantly on time. You won’t have to worry about training or onboarding anyone. You also won’t have to dedicate time and resources to creating a work relationship and making sure the team feels welcome in the workplace.

IT professionals will get in and get out – and they’ll do it quickly. They are likely working with numerous other companies, so their goal is to make your relationship as efficient as possible.

3. Concentrate on Core Business

When you outsource your IT services, you’ll allow your team members to focus on what they’re truly there to do. Tech experts in your company who should be focused on product design and growth will no longer have to take time away from their day to help the tech department figure out a security issue.

And without having to fund the full salary of an IT department, you can take those resources and use them on an employee who can specialize in something that your company needs but hasn’t been able to afford before.

In the long run, specialization will make your company more productive and help you get the most from your resources.

4. Gain More Value

Think of how many resources go into managing an IT department. Aside from the salary and benefits, you pay your staff, you also need to provide them with top-of-the-line equipment.

You also need to update all of their software so it remains effective. But what happens when you spend thousands on new software that the team only ends up needing once before it has to be updated again?

The problem with an in-house IT department is that it won’t be valuable for you to spend on updated software and tools. But as soon as you don’t have the latest software, you’ll have an IT issue that could have been avoided if you had it.

IT companies will give you more value for what you’re paying for. You’ll only have to pay for the services and not all of the other associated costs.

5. Confidently Grow Your Company

Even with the best IT department out there, it’s unlikely that you have as comprehensive a team as you would by outsourcing your IT department. So while your team may be great at solving problems, there’s no way to know how they’ll handle an issue that’s too large for your department.

Having an outsourced IT team will reduce your operating stress as your business expands because you will know that you can count on reliable services 100% of the time.

You won’t have to worry that your IT department is now too small or unable to handle new threats that happen during a transition.

If you’re looking to grow your business and want managed IT services that you can trust, we recommend considering

6. Increase Employee Well-Being

Imagine a company experiencing constant tech problems. Software shuts down, information is lost, and people from various departments are trying to solve problems that none of them are equipped to handle.

If this sounds like a problem your business has faced before, you’ll appreciate this benefit of outsourced IT services: improved employee well-being.

Hiring an IT service will reduce stress at work for your employees because their information will be more secure and networks will be counted on to run smoothly.

Team members can come to the office knowing that all of the tools they use will function and they won’t scramble to remove lost data or try to remedy malfunctioning computers.

7. Gain Control Over Your Budget

that the costs of operating it will vary from month to month. You may end up having to hire an additional worker in difficult times, pay more for overtime, or lost money from trying to remedy problems.

A fluctuating budget makes it difficult to budget for your IT, especially if your resources are limited to start with. And it’s not like you want to compromise the security of your company because of unforeseeable budgets.

An IT provider will charge a flat monthly rate so you can establish a set budget. And if they’ll tell you about extra costs that may occur in the beginning. So if something unexpected does happen, you’ll still have some idea of what you’re going to spend taking care of it.

8. Prepare for the Future

IT services are a fast-growing industry. They have an expend compound annual growth rate of 10.35% from 2021 to 2026. IT is a competitive industry – even if it’s not your specialty, you still should be a leader in the industry by using the top technology available.

Prepare for the future by outsourcing your IT. The traditional world of the 9 to 5 office job is starting to change, and your IT needs to adapt to it. As jobs become more global and people work from all over the world at various hours, you’ll need technology that works with them in real-time.

By outsourcing your IT services now and not waiting until the future, you’ll set yourself up for success when you’re most in need of the services.

Getting the Most From Your Business

IT department outsourcing is just one of the ways you can make the most of your business’s budget. With a proactive approach, you can transform the way your business operates while cutting spending at the same time.

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