7 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Did you know that in the United States, 89,000 motorcycle accidents occur annually? This number may be higher considering not all motorcycles crashes are reported.

There are several causes of motorcycle accidents. Drunk driving, speeding, mechanical problems, and distractions are just a few.

Motorcycle crashes tend to be deadlier than car accidents simply because the rider is in the open air instead of being in a car. You can avoid most of these causes if you are aware of them.

Enrolling in an education course is one of the first things you should consider before riding a motorcycle. Through this, you will learn how to avoid accidents, learn basic safety measures, and gain experience before you can hit the road.

Read on for seven common causes of motorcycle accidents.

1. Alcohol and Drug Use

Riding a motorcycle while intoxicated is one of the major causes of accidents worldwide. Most bikers involved in accidents have blood-alcohol concentrations above the legal limit.

The blood-alcohol content limit in the US is 0.08%. You are considered legally impaired if you are at this level or higher.

Alcohol impairs coordination, balance, and judgment. These are crucial abilities needed when riding a motorcycle. Intoxication also affects your reflexes and reduces your reaction time, making it hard to make turns and avoid blocks.

Experience and age are useless if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. This is because intoxication affects your soberness level and riding ability.

2. Speeding

The acceleration rate of a motorcycle can sometimes be exhilarating. You may be tempted to rush through a clear straight road or make a swift turn at a corner.

However, pushing the speed limits of your motorcycle has its consequences. Speeding is one of the significant causes of motorcycle accidents and may occur in a variety of ways.

Some weather conditions require low-speed levels, and failure to adhere to that may cause a crash. For example, in a windstorm, low visibility makes it irresponsible to ride at a high-speed level.

No matter how clear the roads are, it would be best if you rode at a safe speed for both you and other motorists.

3. Cars Making Left-Hand Turns

An accident is bound to occur if a car driver makes a left turn right in front of a motorcycle. Cars turning left often strike passing or oncoming motorcycles at intersections.

The most common reasons for left-turn accidents include low visibility, speeding, and car driver distraction.

Although most of these crashes are the car driver’s fault, the biker might also be guilty of running a red light, riding in the wrong lane, or speeding.

If it’s entirely the car driver’s fault, you may want to take legal action, and hiring a lawyer is essential. Find full details here on legal services you might need.

4. Inexperience

Before hitting the road, a motorcycle must spend time training. Riding a motorcycle is an activity that requires skills, and the only way you can gain them is through training.

Riders without licenses are a big part of the causes of motorcycle accidents. It’s not enough to educate yourself on riding and motorcycle safety; you also need ample time to practice.

You should start riding on a less challenging road to polish your skills and ensure you are ready to ride on major roads.

If riding with a group, ensure all riders present have experience and are well aware of the dangers involved.

5. Mechanical Problems

Some of the most fatal motorcycle accident injuries are from faulty bike parts. There are instances where your brakes might fail out of nowhere. However, they were most likely not serviced or properly maintained throughout the motorcycle’s life.

Other overlooked mechanical problems include broken mirrors and tire performance. A broken mirror causes vulnerability since there’s a blind spot on one side.

You need to assess your motorcycle regularly to ensure its parts are in perfect shape for riding.

6. Distracted Drivers

You might be a very keen, focused rider, but that doesn’t necessarily mean other riders and drivers are. Certain things cause a driver’s distraction. Music, phone calls, food, texts, and general inattention from a driver are among the many causes of motorcycle accidents.

Most drivers assume that if they’re in traffic or on a clear road, they can focus their attention on something else. Sometimes, this also applies to motorcycle riders.

You need to avoid any distractions and ensure you are riding at a safe distance from other drivers. Additionally, always wear your safety gear.

7. Roadway Conditions

This is one of the most overlooked threats by riders. However, it’s one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents.

Some road faults may not threaten cars but pose a significant danger to motorbikes. Factors such as poorly lit roads and intersections, gravel or sand, low-hanging branches, and uneven pavements are a huge risk.

Corner types are another feature that threatens motorcycle riding. There are different types of corners, some more challenging than others. It would be best if you devised an effective riding plan and regularly assess road conditions.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun and an overall thrilling experience. However, it comes with some challenges, one being the high number of motorbike accidents.

There are several causes of motorcycle accidents brought about by either the rider, road conditions, other riders and drivers, and as well as the motorcycle itself.

Motorcycle accidents mostly result in either death of the motorist or fatal injuries. You need to have good riding skills and knowledge of these causes and how to avoid them best. In case of an accident, always rely on a competent motorcycle accident lawyer.

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