5 Out-Of-This-World Astronomy Facts

When you think about it, it’s pretty wild to not even be able to fathom how big our universe is, let alone understand light years. Or if you’re not an astronomer, even understand how our entire solar system and universe all works and exists together.

Well, you’re not alone in that.

Are you ready to learn some out-of-this-world astronomy facts that will blow your mind? Keep reading!

1. The Moon Isn’t Round

Bet you haven’t heard that one before! But photo proof actually shows that the moon is lemon-shaped.

But why is it not round if the earth is?

Scientists believe it has to do with the interactions it had with earth shortly after its formation.

2. Saturn Is Over 700 Million Miles Away

When we think of our own solar system, it’s easier to imagine the planets and the moons that make up the system. However, what you may not immediately think of, is the grandiosity of our solar system on its own (not even thinking about the rest of the universe!).

The distance from Saturn to earth is about 9 times around the circumference of the earth. Can you even imagine that!?

3. Milky Way Clouds Know How to Have Fun

Ummm…what? How do clouds know how to have fun? 

Well, metaphorically speaking, that is.

Scientists have found a chemical called ethyl formate in the Milky Way. If you’re not familiar with that chemical, it is the chemical responsible for giving raspberries their taste and giving rum its smell.

Not much further away in the Milky Way is a section filled with ethyl alcohol. And as an FYI, there’s enough there to supply every single person on earth with more than enough beer for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, it’s 6,500 light years away from us.Not enough to notice. Bummer for all of you who got excited that there would finally be more hours in the day! Not quite

We don’t know about you, but we may just stick to the local brewery. 

4. Neuron Stars Are Heavy

How heavy, exactly? A simple teaspoon of a neuron star would weigh more than the entire human population.

Imagine if the entire human population fit into the size of a soup spoon…

5. Earth’s Days Are Getting Longer

Every single year, the earth’s rotation around its axis takes a tiny bit longer.

Not enough to notice. Bummer for all of you who got excited that there would finally be more hours in the day! Not quite.

It takes a century for the earth to slow by 1/500 of a second. But still slowing, nonetheless.

Go Tell Your Friends About These Fun Astronomy Facts

The next time you want to impress your friends, a date, or your family at your next holiday gathering, you should whip out one of these astronomy fun facts!

These cool astronomy facts will be sure to blow their minds and may even start some debates. But the best part is that these interesting facts about astronomy are all backed by science.

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