5 Beautiful Benefits of Sending Roses to Someone

There are over 150 types of roses! The commercial Grandiflora rose is the rose you are most familiar with. This is the rose that saturates supermarkets and florist floors about a week before Valentine’s Day every year.

Whatever variety of rose you find most beautiful, sending roses is always a wise choice. They are an elegant high-end flower yet sell in bouquets to match every price point. Most roses go for about $1-$2 a stem, or $40+ per bouquet.

This price will go up depending on the size and ornateness of the bouquet. Their versatile application and widespread popularity have so many benefits!

Keep reading for the top five benefits of sending roses.

1. Make Their Day

You don’t need an occasion for sending roses. Sometimes “just because” is enough. Roses are one of the best flowers to put a smile on someone’s face.

They smell divine and look even more stunning. Roses can be a spontaneous surprise. Just send someone a bouquet to show how much you respect and appreciate them.

Roses can also be used to celebrate an amazing milestone. Send roses to a recent graduate of high school, or university. Or send roses to your best friend who just landed their dream job.

You can also send roses when someone launches a new company or as an added wedding gift for the happy couple. Sending roses for these celebratory moments will only add to the excitement.

It will also create an association between roses and happy memories. This will change the way they look at roses forever. It’s an easy way to make an important moment a memorable one.

2. Express Your Love

Actions speak louder than words. Telling someone you love them is a monumental moment in any relationship. Sending roses, makes it even more obvious.

Roses are the official flower of love. It’s the flower used in every romance film. If you’re in a new relationship, you can send roses to show someone just how committed you are.

Sending roses is a very romantic gesture, but it’s not reserved for new relationships. Maybe you want to do something spontaneous for your significant other? Send them a rose bouquet-no strings attached!

Roses can also be sent to loved ones at work to celebrate anniversaries or even inside jokes. It shows that person they are on your mind.

Sending an arrangement of roses fosters compassion and helps someone realize their importance to you in life. Learn more about different arrangements for your special someone.

3. Heartfelt Apology

We all make mistakes. Sometimes sorry isn’t enough to express your remorse. You can’t buy someone’s forgiveness, but you can send them a rose bouquet to really express a sincere apology!

Roses are a tender flower and they elicit tenderness in the receiver.

The silent treatment is a common result of arguments, whether between friends, siblings, spouses or even colleagues. If you’re not on speaking terms, sending roses is a smart way to break the ice.

The beauty of a rose bouquet has some damage control power. It will help mend the silence between two people after an argument and hopefully initiate reparative dialogue.

4. Beautify Their Space

Unlike a random pillow or piece of artwork, roses go with any space. They are an easy way to brighten up a room. Roses add an element of nature to the living areas.

Flowers are extremely diverse, especially roses. There are so many roses to pick from. You can also choose fragrant roses for not only a beautiful centerpiece, but one that releases beautiful aromas into the air.

Floribunda roses are some of the most elegant and beautiful smelling roses. They look like peonies and smell bright and citrusy.

Some of the most popular roses for bouquets are:

There are so many other varieties to pick from. Stick to one variety and color for a modern look. Or mix and match a variety of species for an eye catching centerpiece.

5. Express Sympathy

Sometimes there is nothing you can say to make a situation better.

While roses aren’t a solution to a loss or illness, they can definitely lift spirits, which can make a hard situation just a little bit easier. You can send a rose bouquet to let them know you are with them and care for them. This will help those mourning feel less alone.

For a funeral, white roses are most traditional. They represent purity and remembrance of those who passed.

The beauty of flowers is their ability to help the healing process. Flowers momentarily can put achy hearts at ease and even bring a smile to the face of someone going through a hard time.

Help people heal through hard times faster with a beautiful empathy bouquet.

Sending Roses for Any Occasion Is Easy!

The beauty of sending flowers is their versatility. Sending roses is an easy choice since they are beloved flowers. Roses are a symbol of love, beauty, strength, and courage.

Roses can be sent for a variety of occasions. Check out these tips for sending roses depending on the occasion:

Sending roses is easy. All you have to do is complete an online purchase. The packaging, delivery, and card messaging is all done by the professionals.

When in doubt with what to give, sending roses is the answer!

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