Tips to Send Peaceful Condolences with Sympathy Flowers

Every now and then, most of us will deal with a difficult situation. This could be the loss of a pet, being fired from a job, getting sick, losing a friend or family member, or suffering a medical emergency.

If someone you know is experiencing hardships like this, it is a good idea to offer your sympathies. This shows you support them, and will be there to help them get past these difficult circumstances.

While there are many ways you can offer your condolences and support, one of the best ways is to express compassion with sympathy flowers. Flowers can instantly put a smile on someone’s face, and are an affordable way to help them lift their spirits.

In an effort to help with this, this article is going to go over some tips to help you send peaceful condolences with sympathy flowers.

Choose the Right Flowers

The first tip to always keep in mind is to choose the right flowers. Some of the most popular flowers for expressing sympathy are orchids, hydrangeas, peace lilies, tulips, and white roses. These are all beautiful flowers that can lift people’s spirits as soon as they see them.

One of the biggest reasons for this popularity is the hidden meanings and symbolism behind flowers. While there are many reasons to give flowers to your loved ones, not all flowers are right for each situation. For example, if you want to show someone you love them romantically, giving them a red rose is a good idea.

But if you give a red rose to your friend for their birthday or to offer condolences to someone, it will send mixed signals and the wrong message. This is why it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the meanings behind flowers before sending them.

Also, make sure flowers are appropriate to send. While most people love and appreciate flowers, some may not want them. They may prefer other gifts instead, or may ask for nothing at all. If flowers are okay and acceptable, be sure you know if the individual or their family has allergies. Some flowers can be rough on those with allergies to things like pollen, so always be careful.

Take time to ensure the flowers you send are fresh, too. If you send flowers that are already on their last legs, they won’t last very long at all before wilting and deteriorating. Fresh flowers have firm petals that are free from discoloration, a sturdy and green stem, and leaves that look to be in good shape. If you buy your flowers online, make sure to get them from a reputable source to ensure they are as fresh and high-quality as possible.

Add a Sympathy Card or Note


While flowers on their own can be an acceptable gift, they have a tendency to be fairly impersonal at times. If a person receives many bouquets or arrangements, they may struggle to remember which one came from which person.

A way to make your sympathy gift a little more personal is to add a note or card. As far as what to write in your sympathy card, it is your choice. Whatever you write, it should be kind, you should show your support, and offer your assistance if they need it. The note can be short and sweet, or much longer and more detailed. It should lift their spirits, show them you care, and ensure they feel supported.

Send Them to the Right Place

When sending sympathy flowers, you want to make sure you are sending them to the right place. In some cases it might be fine to send them to an individual’s home, but other places that often make sense are the hospital, work, funeral home, family’s home or wherever else your intended recipient will be.

If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to reach out to make sure. If you send them to somewhere where there is no one to receive them, your gift of flowers might not even make it to their destination before they have wilted.

Keep Them Small and Simple

If you are sending sympathy flowers to someone that you expect will be getting more gifts and/or bouquets, it is best to keep them small and simple. A small bouquet featuring a couple of stems will be just as appreciated and a large arrangement with dozens.

Gifts can take up a lot of space, so keeping it small ensures that your gift doesn’t dominate the space, and allows room for others. This is especially important if they are in the hospital or live in a rather small house or apartment. The last thing you want to do is take up a ton of space with your flowers and make a space hard to traverse, or take space away from close family or friends.

Better Late Than Never

When sending sympathy flowers, it is normal to want to send them immediately so the recipient gets them soon and knows you support them and are there for them. But if you have major things going on in your own life, you may not be able to send the flowers as quickly as you would have liked. However, if you don’t send flowers in the first few days for one reason or another, don’t worry.

It is always better to send gifts like these late, than not at all. In fact, some gifts sent later can be even more powerful. If everyone sends gifts at the same time, the individual might not be able to appreciate them all. But if you send gifts a little later, when they likely are receiving less, it can give them a definite boost to their morale and mood.

In conclusion, we hope that these tips have been able to help you send peaceful condolences with sympathy flowers to your loved ones in need. It can be an incredibly kind gesture, and these tips can help ensure you go about things the right way.

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