5 Awesome Motorcycle Accessories You Need to Own

The temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer. Summer is here and it can only mean one thing: It’s time to hit the open road.

If you own a motorcycle, you know there’s nothing like the freedom of cruising down the highway or your favorite side street, taking in the view and feeling like you’re flying.

Did you know there are a few premium motorcycle accessories that can make the ride even more comfortable? Today, we’re sharing five awesome add-ons that you need by your side.

1. Ear Protection

Let’s face it. The roar of your bike engine is awesome, but it’s also ear-splittingly loud. While you need to be able to hear street noises for safety purposes, you don’t have to subject your ears to a painful volume level each time you ride.

One of the best motorcycle accessories you can own is a great set of earplugs. Yet, we aren’t talking about those orange squishy ones you can buy for pennies at the drugstore. Those numb your hearing to almost everything, so you could miss a vital noise like a horn or ambulance.

Rather, look for ones made specifically for motorcycle riders. These will block sounds from the wind and your engine, but you’ll still be able to hear everything else.

2. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Do you love riding your bike off the grid? If you enjoy venturing into uncharted territory, you still need a way to communicate with your loved ones and find your way home.

You might not always have cell or internet service where you ride, so invest in a global Wi-Fi hotspot. If possible, find one that attaches directly to your cell phone so it’s always within reach.

3. Phone Mount

No, we absolutely don’t condone texting or calling while biking. However, a phone mount is an essential piece of motorcycle gear. You need your phone close by to play music, view weather forecasts, and navigate directions.

A phone mount keeps it securely attached to your bike at all times. This way, it won’t roll into traffic when you come to a stop!

4. Biker Rings

You don’t just want to act the part on the road. You want to look it, too. With the right jewelry, you can show off your favorite hobby to the rest of the world.

Check out these biker rings to discover your new favorite today! Durable, great-looking, and boldly designed, they’re destined for daily wear.

5. Smart Headset

What if you could put your phone away and listen to music, directions, and more right within your headset speakers? Today, there are modern ones that allow you to do just that.

With the click of a button, these headsets can stream music, share GPS information, and even enable two-way calling. It’s a smart way to keep your eyes on the road and off the screen.

Try These Motorcycle Accessories Today

As an avid biker, you know the importance of being prepared on the road. While these are some of the top motorcycle accessories to own, they aren’t the only ones. Figure out what’s important to you, and look for tools and technologies that can help enhance your experience.

For instance, if you love listening to music while you ride, then seek out motorcycle equipment that offers optimized audio. Pretty soon, you’ll be cruising in style.

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