4 Tips for Buying Used Heavy Equipment

The construction equipment market size reached $141.99 billion in 2021 worldwide. At a compound annual growth rate of 6.6%, the market will reach $222.14 billion by 2028.

You can buy different types of new or used heavy equipment for different uses in the construction industry. For instance, compactors help to reduce the size of a material.

The type of material you want to compact will determine the type of machine you need. Cold planners, also known as milling machines, remove asphalt and concrete from a surface.

There are various considerations to make when buying used heavy equipment. This article provides you with four tips for buying used heavy equipment.

1. Total Operating Hours

The total operating hours can help you determine the lifespan of a heavy machine. On every piece of equipment, you’ll find an internal clock that tracks the number of hours the used heavy equipment has been in use.

You can compare the age of the used heavy equipment to the hours under operation. This will help you know if the machine’s been over or under-used.

Determining the machines’ total operating time will help you know the length of serviceable life left in the equipment. You’ll also understand what to expect in your future maintenance and replacement needs.

2. Used Heavy Equipment Fluids

The condition of your used heavy equipment fluids can tell you more about the current health of your machine. You should check the types of fluids, including hydraulic and transmission fluids, engine oil, and coolant.

Fluids that are clean and at the right levels can imply the used heavy equipment has undergone proper care and maintenance. Neglected heavy equipment will most likely have fluids that are below level and unclean.

Watch out for signs like water in the engine oil and foaming in the coolant. It’s recommendable to ask for oil samples when you buy equipment online.

3. The Engine Exhaust

How your used equipment engine fires up is essential when you buy heavy equipment. You must ensure that you purchase heavy equipment with an engine that runs smoothly after starting.

Used construction equipment with engine issues will have a hard time starting and running. The color of smoke from the engine exhaust can help you determine the potential engine problems.

Blue smoke implies an oil leak, leading to an overheated engine. If you see white smoke, the chances are high it’s a filtration issue. It could also be a water or coolant leakage into the engine oil.

4. Test Drive

After confirming your used heavy equipment is well maintained, consider giving it a test drive. Besides, you can request a professional inspection when you go here to purchase construction equipment.

You can try out all the different controls and features to determine if they’re working correctly. You can also test drive the machine at every speed.

Take note of weird sounds when making certain movements like clunking and grinding. You must also consider the overall safety of the machine to avoid potential risks of accidents and fatalities.

Buy the Best Used Heavy Equipment

You’ll need to know the reputation of the manufacturer and the dealer before you buy heavy equipment. Seek reviews online about the manufacturer before buying your construction equipment.

Ensure that you understand the history of the used heavy equipment you wish to buy. You can also request your heavy equipment seller to refer you to their mechanic for future scheduled maintenances.

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