4 Questions to Ask an Anxiety Specialist Before You Begin Treatment

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million American adults every year.

But there’s good news. Whether you suffer from PTSD, seasonal affective disorder, social anxiety disorder, or any other type of anxiety, it isn’t a life sentence!

With the right support, you can and will get better.

Of all the treatment approaches at your disposal, though, talking to a professional can be particularly helpful. If you’re thinking of doing exactly that, then check out the following 4 questions to ask an anxiety specialist to ensure they’re suitable for the job.

1. “How Long Have You Been Practising?”

Would you rather talk to an anxiety specialist who’s just finished training or who has been doing it for decades?

The latter, right?

After all, it’s comforting to know they have all that experience behind them! It suggests they know what they’re doing. These practitioners, like the folks at Complete Care Physicians, have helped people in your position a thousand times before, meaning your well-being is in safe hands.

2. “What Qualifications Do You Have?”

Ask about their licenses and certifications while you’re at it. Oh, and you could check what professional organizations they belong to as well.

These types of questions help you determine whether the people offering you support are legitimate anxiety specialists! They should be trained, qualified, licensed, and insured in the field. If they can’t (or refuse to) show evidence of these attributes, then think twice about working with them.

3. “How Much Do You Charge?”

Seeking professional support from anxiety specialist services can come at a cost…literally. Different services and practitioners charge different amounts, but most hour-long sessions cost dozens of dollars.

While your mental health is obviously the most important consideration, you don’t want to put yourself under undue financial pressure. You’ve got enough on your plate already! Always make sure you can afford the treatment before committing to it.

4. “What Will We Be Doing?”

The unknown is unsettling – especially when you suffer from anxiety. Finding out what a typical session will look like (and how long it’ll last) should reduce the uncertainty involved and thus feel reassuring.

There’s a practical element to the question as well though. Not all anxiety specialists practice in the same way, so check beforehand that their approach meshes with your preferences. For example, you don’t want to walk into your first session expecting CBT only to find out you’ll be doing cold water therapy!

Time to See the Anxiety Specialist

Tens of millions of people in America suffer from one form of anxiety or another nowadays. If you’re one of them, then seeking support from a professional in the field is an effective way to tackle the problem and start feeling like yourself again.But there’s good news. Whether you suffer from PTSD, seasonal affective disorder, social anxiety disorder, or any other type of anxiety, it isn’t a life sentence!

With any luck, the questions in this post will help you find an anxiety specialist who’s both experienced and adept. Are you looking for further insights on this topic and others like it?

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