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4 Key Logo Design Tips for Your Company

There is more to a company logo than just a cool design. According to 78% of American consumers, logos are a work of art.

Company logos speak to consumers, so finding a design that works on multiple levels and is memorable is key to finding a winning logo. However, it’s not just a matter of throwing some elements together and hoping for the best.

If you’ve never designed a logo before or need some help, we’ve just got the article for you. So keep reading to learn four essential logo design tips to make your company logo stand out.

1. Define Your Brands Image

When designing a logo for your business, it’s essential to understand your brand’s image. If you take time figuring out what impression you want to project to your customers, you will have a greater chance of creating a successfully impactful and memorable logo.

Remember, your logo is going to be on all your packaging. The image will represent your brand, so ensuring everything is perfect will be worth it.

2. Don’t Settle On The First Design

Very few companies hit a home run on a logo design in the first round – unless you’re Coca-Cola. As tempting as it may be to settle on the first design you create, you lose a lot of creativity that you otherwise would gain from sitting on a design for a while. Additionally, sometimes coming back to a design after a short break can inspire new ideas.

While it’s possible that you could return to your first design, in the end, it’s essential to have tried a few approaches to your logo design. You may even find blending some of your designs into one creates an even more powerful image.

3. Peek At The Competition

If you find yourself in a “writer’s block” situation, don’t be shy to look at your competitors for logo design ideas. Remember, you don’t want to copy or steal ideas; instead, look for how their design works for their company.

Pay attention to the elements in their design, like their sizing, fonts, and design style, and see if you can translate any to fit your company.

4. Leave It To The Professionals

If designing isn’t your thing, or you’ve given up trying to design a small business logo, don’t be afraid to call in the professionals. Designers like The Logo Boutique, Delicious Custom Logo Cookies, and Logo Shines have extensive training on several aspects of professional logo design, they understand the fundamental principles of design, and they have the software to pull it all off.

However, don’t just leave it up to the designer. Instead, sit down with them and discuss your company’s vision so you can collaborate on a beautiful logo you’ll be proud to put your name behind.

Master These Logo Design Tips For Success

Finding a suitable logo for your company can be a fun part of starting a business, but you need to get it right. So don’t rush the process. Like our logo designing tips suggested, look for inspiration everywhere, peek at your competitors (remember, don’t copy!), and take time getting the perfect logo created for your brand.

We hope you enjoyed these logo design tips. In addition, we encourage you to find more articles like this one in our Tech and Art categories.


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