3 Features of a Great Nonprofit Website

A great nonprofit website is essential for the more than 1 million nonprofit organizations across America helping to feed, educate, and provide charity to millions of people in need. Even if you have the best nonprofit website design, it’s the content of the website that will make it successful.

There are several things to remember when putting together nonprofit websites, including a spot for donations and a section for blogs. Nonprofit website design should also be visual.

Read more about the features needed for a fabulous nonprofit online presence.

1. Donations

Be sure to include a spot on your nonprofit website for donations. Whether it’s a button to click or an address to send a check, you want to give visitors to your website (a mobile-friendly website, too) the ability to donate easily.

Consider asking people to make a smaller, monthly donation via a credit card. Offer incentives too in your nonprofit website design, such as a membership.

As part of your nonprofit marketing strategy, write some information about where and how your nonprofit will use such donations. Websites for nonprofits should include engaging and heartfelt stories about how money from your nonprofit helped change someone’s life is beneficial.

Moreover, tell potential donors their donations are tax-deductible.

2. Blogs

Include in your nonprofit websites a blog section for news and information. Here, you can write updates about your nonprofit’s work in the community.

As part of your nonprofit online presence, personal stories and testimonials will also add to your blog content.

Blogs are also great for search engine optimization. Including highly ranked search words in the copy in your nonprofit marketing strategy gets you at the top of search engine results. Ranking at the top of a search engine means more people will visit your website and increase its visibility.

3. Visuals

Nonprofit websites need compelling visuals to tell their story. Pictures should tell the story of the people your nonprofit help or show people your excellent work. Be sure to include visuals of press events and the people working for your nonprofit.

Don’t think you have to spend a fortune to make your pictures look great! Camera phones take great photos! If you must hire a professional, plenty of low-cost options are available.

Use your own photos and skip the stock photos. Avoid using too many photographs in your presentation.

Visuals also get great attention to a mobile-friendly website.

Tips for a Great Nonprofit Website

Get your nonprofit website off on the right foot by having a place where people can donate and a blog section where people can find out the latest news and information. Your nonprofit website should also have great visuals that help tell the story of your nonprofit!

With just about everyone surfing the web looking for information, following these steps will help your website stand out and get noticed! With just about everyone surfing the web looking for information, following these steps will help your website stand out and get noticed!

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